90 Cute Coloring Pages for Kids (Free PDF Printables)

Give your little ones hours of creative fun with this collection of over 90 cute coloring pages for kids! Perfectly sized for US letter and A4 paper, these adorable PDF printables feature all their favorite subjects like unicorns, fairies, bunnies, kittens, and owls. Every coloring sheet is professionally illustrated in high 300 PPI resolution, optimized for crisp, clear printing. Simply download any of these super-cute free pages, print them out, grab some coloring pencils and let your child’s imagination run wild!

Watch them smile as they bring these cute characters to life by coloring in their pretty dresses, fabulous manes, fluffy tails, and big expressive eyes. With paw prints, rainbows and magical details on every page, this diverse selection of enchanting coloring sheets will spark creativity and provide kids with hours of relaxing, stress-relieving fun.

Download and print today for an activity that’s cute, calming and totally captivating!

Easy Cute Coloring Pages for Kids

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Cute Coloring Pages

Coloring books have long been a favorite pastime for both children and adults. But did you know that you can use those cute coloring pages for more than just coloring in the lines? Here are 10 fun and creative craft projects you can make using coloring pages.

10. Picture Frames

Cut out your favorite coloring page designs and use them to decorate simple cardboard picture frames. This is an easy way to make customized frames for your loved ones. Glue the pages to the frames using decoupage or mod podge for a glossy finished look.


Print out small coloring pages or cut out sections from larger pages to make unique bookmarks. Laminate them or cover them with transparent adhesive paper to make them sturdier. You can even add tassels or ribbons for a decorative touch.

8. Gift Tags and Cards

Coloring pages make great gift tags! Cut them out, punch a hole in the corner, and tie onto your gifts with ribbon. For cards, fold colored pages in half and glue decorations or write messages inside.

7. Wall Art

Get creative with your wall art by using coloring pages! Cut out the parts you like from various pages and arrange them into eye-catching collages in picture frames. Or decoupage entire pages onto plain canvases for bright, playful wall hangings.

6. Craft Boxes

Cover plain cardboard boxes with pages from your coloring books using decoupage or mod podge. The images make the boxes so much more fun for storing craft supplies, office items, or small treasures.

5. Coasters

Protect your surfaces from cup rings by making your own coasters. Cut coloring pages to size and cover them completely with transparent adhesive paper to seal and strengthen them. Add felt pads on the bottom if desired.

4. Lampshades

For a delightful lamp, print out coloring pages on tracing paper and glue them around a plain paper lampshade. When the light is on, it will shine through the pages for a beautiful effect.

3. Placemats

Personalize your dinner table with coloring page placemats. Decoupage them onto cardboard and cover with adhesive paper or laminate them for durability during meals.

2. Magnets

Make your refrigerator a work of art by turning coloring pages into magnets. Simply glue pages onto magnetic sheets, cut into fun shapes, and display them!

1. Ornaments

Get ready for the holidays by using coloring pages to make festive ornaments. Cut them into shapes, glue onto cardboard, laminate, and add ribbons. You can also decoupage them onto plain orb ornaments.

The cute illustrations in coloring books can become so much more than just pictures to color. With a little imagination and some simple crafting, you can transform them into decorative and useful items for your home, office, gifts, and more. So try out some of these fun DIY ideas and see how your favorite coloring pages can be given new life!

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