DIY Amazing Paper Heart Garland

In this lesson, you will learn how to make an amazing paper heart garland with your own hands. This decoration will perfectly decorate the room for any holiday. You can make this craft even with a child.

Tools and materials:

  • pink and red paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • stapler;
  • pencil.
Materials and Tools for Garlands
Materials and Tools for Garlands
Paper Heart Garland

How to make paper heart garland in 11 steps.

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Choose a Paper Color
    Outline of the Heart Halves

    Your garland will consist of hearts of two colors – red and pink. Start by creating red blanks. To do this, make a bend on red paper, then draw two contours of hearts.

  2. Use Scissors

    Cut out the red heart along the upper contour.

  3. Make 2 Hearts Out of One
    Two Red Hearts

    Cut another heart along the contour of the resulting blank, it will be smaller in size. As a result, you should get 2 blanks, as in the photo.

  4. Use the Red Heart for the Template
    Half of a Red Heart on Pink Paper

    Cut the same elements out of pink paper. To do this, put a red blank into the fold of the pink paper. Circle it with a simple pencil.

  5. Make 2 Pink Hearts
    Two Pink Hearts

    Cut the lines with scissors. You will get 2 pink blanks.

  6. Make Incisions
    Hearts with Cut Bottoms

    Start forming a garland. Cut the pre-prepared hearts at the bottom.

  7. Entwine Hearts
    Intertwined Hearts

    Connect the hearts together in the form of a weave.

  8. Use a Stapler
    Bottoms of Hearts with a Stapler

    Connect the lower parts of the hearts to each other with a stapler.

  9. Seal All Hearts
    All Hearts with a Stapler

    Form a garland of the desired length in the same way. Alternate colors in pairs.

  10. Use the Glue
    Glued Little Heart

    Add small hearts that were cut earlier from large blanks. Glue a small red heart to the pink one, and a small pink heart to the big red one.

  11. Finish Your Craft
    Garland of Hearts

    Add other details. You should get such a garland of hearts.

This decoration is well suited for the Valentines Day, girl’s room design or even for a wedding.

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