15 Paper Quilling Patterns for Beginners

It’s never too late to start doing something new! You can do unique things with paper. The quilling technique will help you do this. See 15 simple and easy paper quilling patterns for beginners.

1. Quilling Snowflake

Create an elegant snowflake decoration with the art of quilling. My tutorial teaches you how to roll delicate paper coils and shape them into a stunning crystalline pattern. With simple steps, transform strips of paper into a beautiful snowflake perfect for holiday décor and greeting cards.

Source: How to Make a Quilling Snowflake?

2. Quilling Butterfly

If you want to start paper quilling with your child, start with a butterfly. You can make such a craft together in a short time. This is a good toy for a child to have, especially if they have made it with their own hands.

Source: Quilling Butterfly

3. Simple Quilling Flower

Learn to craft a lovely quilling flower with this easy tutorial. Master rolling thin strips of paper into petal and leaf shapes. Then assemble them by gluing a yellow core, red petals, and green leaves. A beautiful handmade flower perfect for scrapbooks, cards, decorations, and gifts.

Source: How to Make a Simple Quilling Flower?

4. Quilling Fish

Source: How to make a quilling fish?

5) Quilling Christmas Tree Decoration

Quilling Christmas Tree Decoration

All children and adults love Christmas. Every year we all dress up the Christmas tree with beautiful Christmas decorations. You can make an unusual tree for a gift to your family in the technique of quilling using bright beads.

6) Quilling Letter B

Quilling Letters Template Pattern B
Paper Zen

A beautiful letter that begins a person’s name is a valuable gift. Try decorating the first letter and sticking it to the card. So you will surprise your friend and he will appreciate your work.

7) Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
Suhani Patel / Instructables

If your friend or relative is on a diet and does not eat sweets, then you can surprise her. Present a paper quilled Birthday Cake with a candle. This is a very simple craft, but with a deep meaning.

8) Quilling Necklace

Quilling Necklace
Giulia Art / Instructables

Jewelry can be the highlight of any outfit, especially if no one else has it. Make a unique quilling necklace from a variety of simple rolls. You can choose your own colors and combine them.

9) Simple Quilled Pendant

Simple Quilled Pendant
Muhaiminah Faiz / Instructables

Quilled pendant can be made even by beginners, since you only need 2 forms to create it. You can wear this jewelry yourself or give it to a friend who will be happy with your gift.

10) Quilled Earrings

Quilled Earrings

If you combine green and light green colors, you will get beautiful earrings. This work is very simple, but looks very stylish and fashionable. You will only need a few basic forms for quilling.

11) Quilled Vase

Quilled Vase

This work is a great start for beginners. The craft consists of simple actions that even a child can do. Quilled vase will look good on the wall as an element of decor. Purple shades look chic in the style of ombre.

12) Paper Quilled Photo Frame

Paper Quilled Photo Frame
Muhaiminah Faiz / Instructables

Do you want to use a unique photo frame for your important photos, but don’t know which one to choose? Try to make it with your own hands. Photo frame made of quilled flowers and gentle beads looks expensive and chic. It will decorate any picture that is dear to you.

13) Paper Quilling Heart Balloon Cards

Quilled Heart Valentines Card Craft for Tweens
That Kids Craft Site

Cute cards with hearts will please any mother, grandmother and even your darling. It looks pathetic. The craft is very simple, you can easily make it in a short time. This is a good idea for Valentine’s Day.

Paper Quilling Heart Balloon Cards from That Kids Craft Site

14) Heart-Shaped Card

Heart Shaped Card
lady rain

This heart-shaped card is perfect not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for Mother’s Day. A few twisted details and a heart-shaped outline create a stylish piece. This gift will be appreciated even by a picky person.

Paper Quilling: Heart-Shaped Crafts and Designs for Valentine’s Day from Holidappy

15) Quilling Holder

Quilling Holder
Giulia Art / Instructables

Romantic things create positive emotions and mood. If there is no extra money, but you want romance, then you can do these things with your own hands. Quilling candle holder is suitable for meditation and for an atmosphere with a boyfriend.

Don’t be afraid to try quilling, it’s an exciting work for the soul.

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