Spirit Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Bring the wild horses of spirit to life with this free collection of 32 coloring pages featuring characters from the popular animated film and TV series. Download and print these pages at home to color your favorite mustangs like the bold stallion Spirit and his mare friend Chica Linda.

You’ll also find pages for major characters like the brave Lakota girl Little Creek, her friend Lucky, and the adventurous Pru and Abigail. Each page is printed on standard US letter size paper, but will also fit perfectly on A4.

After downloading the PDF, you can print these pages on your home printer to color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Decorate folders, make handmade cards, or frame your artwork when you’re done coloring. With this variety of Spirit characters, you’re sure to find a page that speaks to your free-spirited and imaginative side. So saddle up and get ready for an adventure in coloring with these free printable spirit pages.

11 Craft Ideas to Do with Spirit Coloring Pages

Spirit, the wild Mustang stallion from the hit movie, makes for an exciting subject for kids’ crafts. With his striking looks and free spirit, Spirit is a favorite of young horse lovers. Use your imagination along with these fun and simple craft ideas to create keepsakes using Spirit coloring pages.

1. Picture Frame Keepsake

Have kids decorate a photo frame with Spirit in one corner and themselves in the other for a special homemade portrait. Color Spirit, cut him out, and glue to a corner of a decorated square of posterboard. Add a photo of your child to the other side for a memorable framed photo.

2. Yarn Maned Masterpiece

Let Spirit’s mane take center stage in this craft. Color Spirit, glue to cardboard, then glue strands of yarn inside the lines of his mane. Add glitter or craft beads to make an eye-catching piece of art.

3. Spirit Necklace

Make Spirit wearable with this cute necklace. Color and cut out Spirit and glue him to an empty toilet paper roll. Add wiggle eyes, yarn for his mane and tail, and a saddle made of construction paper. String yarn through the roll and you have a one-of-a-kind Spirit necklace!

4. Stick Horse Friend

Kids will love this homemade stick horse pal. Glue Spirit’s colored head to cardboard, attach another piece to make a handle, and add yarn for his mane. Slip the handle over a wrapping paper tube and they’ll have a stick horse ready for adventures!

5. Rocking Horse

Make Spirit a rocking horse with this fun project. Glue crescent wood pieces to a styrofoam base and color it. Add a cardboard Spirit to a craft stick and he’s ready to rock!

6. Garden Ornament

Spirit makes a lovely garden ornament with this craft. Reinforce with cardboard after coloring, add a pipe cleaner bridle and yarn tail and mane. Spray with acrylic sealer and attach to a stick to place in the garden.

7. Smiling Spirit Chain

Create a chain of Spirit heads for a happy classroom or party decoration. Color plates and Spirits the same shade. Cut out Spirits and glue to plate bottoms. String together for a fun garland.

8. Window Ornaments

These Spirit sun catchers make cheery window decorations. Color paper plates brown. Glue colored Spirit cut-outs to plates. Add yarn and pipe cleaner accents. Hang in windows for cute decor.

9. Spirit Scene

Craft an original Spirit scene with posterboard or a large sheet. Kids can draw backgrounds then add their Spirit characters wherever they want. Make individual posters or a big classroom mural!

10. Spirit Lampshade

Upcycle a lamp with this easy Spirit lampshade craft. Color and cut out Spirit then glue to a lampshade. The colored light shining through makes for cute lighting.

11. Spirit Magnet

Make fridge art with these Spirit magnets. Simply color Spirits on magnetic sheets, cut out, and stick on the fridge to admire every day!

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