Marina - Easyhandmadeideas Author

Hi Friend! I’m Marina. Thanks so much for being here!

I am very glad that you visited my DIY craft and hobby site, which contains helpful tips and step-by-step tutorials from me.

I try to accompany all my tutorials with useful photography. I hope that this approach will help beginners start creating excellent crafts. Experienced crafters can get inspired with new ideas or improve their skills.

I started doing my DIY projects when I was a child. These were my first kid’s Crafts.

Creative crafty tutorials from various magazines and books inspired me. Since that time I have become an admirer of handicraft.

Creativity is the favorite hobby for my soul. I spend a lot of free time on many activities: sewing, needlecrafts, jewelry making and paper crafts.

I want to share my ideas and inspiration with you to make your life a little happier.

Let’s have fun together!

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