4 Ribbon Projects for DIY Craft Enthusiasts

Variants of crafts and jewelry from ribbons a huge number of not only because of imagination, but also because of the large number of types of ribbons themselves. Classic satin ribbons are number 1 in popularity among other types. With this material, people begin to learn to create modest masterpieces, and even professionals can create unrealistically wonderful jewelry from them. Unusual metallized, lace, jacquard and rep ribbons already give a unique look to any craft because of its unusual appearance. You can embroider pictures with ribbons, create kanzashi-style hair ornaments, make artificial flowers, decorate clothes with accessories.

1. Kanzashi Fabric Flower Elastic Headband

Create an adorable fabric flower headband for girls. Fold satin ribbons into loops and glue onto a felt circle base for a full flower. Craft rosebuds from more satin, add beads. Glue roses into the center of the flower. Finish by gluing the floral piece onto a stretchy headband for a cute DIY hair accessory.

Source: Kanzashi Fabric Flower Elastic Headband

2. Kanzashi Hair Clips

Transform simple ribbons into stunning hair accessories! This tutorial teaches you to shape delicate petals and layer them into ornate kanzashi flowers. With a few basic supplies, you can create beautiful embellishments for parties, costumes, or everyday wear. The final glittering hair clips are sure to draw compliments.

Source: Amazing Kanzashi Hair Clips

3. Kanzashi Bows with a Unique Center

Create stunning hair accessories and jewelry with these unique Kanzashi bows. Use ribbon, lace, beads, and charms to make a custom focal piece, then shape into loops. Finish by gathering into a flower and adding your handmade center. A fun way to make coordinated sets for gifts or to accessorize your own style.

Source: Kanzashi Bows with a Unique Center

4. Lush White Bow from a Satin Ribbon

Create a luxurious white bow with this easy tutorial. Simply cut ribbon into petal shapes, curl the edges, and stitch into floral forms. Arrange the petals in circles atop a felt base. Glue them down and affix a pearl for a decadent centerpiece. The result is an elegant hair accessory or decoration for any occasion.

Source: How to Make a Lush White Bow from a Satin Ribbon