18 Best Paper Craft Ideas for Endless Fun

Paper crafts are not just trivial crafts with ordinary paper, there are different techniques and types of materials. For crafts, you may need plain or colored paper, as well as crepe, holographic, velvet, and even corrugated paper. There are also different types of paper for origami, scrapbooking, and thin strips for quilling.

Paper Craft Ideas

With origami you can make unimaginable volumetric crafts. With quilling, you can make postcards that are as good as greeting cards. With scrapbooking, you can make the best version of a family album or scrapbook. Start with easier crafts, and when you feel comfortable, move on to more difficult ones.

Paper Craft Ideas

1. Flowers from Paper Napkins

Transform simple paper napkins into stunning decorative flowers. Fold napkins into accordions, secure with floral wire, then carefully separate the layers to form delicate flower shapes. Add color with gouache paint for a pop of vibrant color. An easy way to upcycle napkins into beautiful blooms perfect for home decor.

Source: Flowers from Paper Napkins

2. Cardboard Flower Vase

Transform an ordinary cardboard box into a stunning flower vase with this easy DIY. Just cut, glue, and embellish with ribbons, beads, sequins and artificial flowers for a custom decorative piece. Follow my step-by-step tutorial to make this budget-friendly vase in under 30 minutes.

Source: Cardboard Flower Vase

3. Paper Folded Clock with Hands and Numbers

Craft a stylish decorative clock from folded paper in just 10 easy steps. Cut numbers and hands from paper, then glue onto a corrugated paper circle base. Personalize with any colors and designs for a unique timepiece to display. This budget paper clock adds charm and personality to your home decor.

Source: Paper Folded Clock with Hands and Numbers

4. Crepe Paper Rose Flowers

Create stunning crepe paper roses with this easy tutorial. Shape vibrant petals and assemble them into realistic blooms. An enjoyable project for any crafter. These handmade paper flowers add a pop of color for home decor, gifts, parties, weddings, and more.

Source: Crepe Paper Rose Flowers

5. Paper Daffodil Flowers

Create a springtime bouquet with these easy paper daffodils! Twist and sculpt white paper into bulbous blooms, add yellow centers, and attach green paper stems and leaves. Follow a simple 12 step tutorial to make a realistic flower arrangement that will brighten any room.

Source: Paper Daffodil Flowers

6. Paper Heart Garland

Create a darling paper heart garland for any special occasion. This easy garland is made by cutting and layering red and pink paper hearts in alternating sizes. Simply cut, stack, staple and glue the hearts together for a festive handmade decoration that’s fun for kids and adults.

Source: Paper Heart Garland

7. Bright Paper Bookmark

Create a colorful bookmark that brightens up your books with this fun paper weaving craft. Using four different colored paper strips, simply glue and weave the strips together following an easy step-by-step technique. The end result is a beautiful rainbow-colored bookmark with a fun woven texture that adds personality to your reading material.

Source: Bright Paper Bookmark

8. 3D Paper Tulip

Create a stunning 3D tulip with this easy paper craft! Using just scissors, glue, and red and green construction paper, follow simple steps to cut, roll, and shape paper into a gorgeous floral centerpiece. Kids will love making this springtime flower that can be grouped into a bright bouquet or displayed in a vase.

Source: 3D Paper Tulip

9. 3D Paper Snowdrop in a Vase

Usher in spring with this charming 3D paper snowdrop bouquet! Following a simple 15 step tutorial, handcraft each delicate white petal and slender green stem out of paper strips. Then display your miniature floral arrangement in a 3D paper vase for a sweet homemade gift or spring-inspired decoration.

Source: 3D Paper Snowdrop in a Vase

10. Handprint Easter Bunny Craft

Turn your child’s handprint into a bunny for Easter! Trace their hand on blue paper, fold the thumb and pinky for paws, flip the middle finger for ears. Add pink paper ears and nose, marker eyes and mouth. Simple, cute way to celebrate while getting creative with your kid.

Source: Handprint Easter Bunny Craft

11. Paper Owl

Make a cute and crafty paper owl with this easy tutorial! Using strips of colored paper, simply weave them through slits on an orange paper base to form the owl’s feathered belly. Add googly eyes, a paper beak and tassel ears for whimsical home decor your guests will hoot over!

Source: Paper Owl

12. Dandelion from Paper and Cotton

Create a whimsical dandelion friend using this fun paper craft! Shape the fluffy parachutes from cotton, add a paper stem and leaves, then give your flower a face. A simple way to make a textured, 3D flower that can be used as decor or a playful gift. Kids will love customizing their dandelion’s expression.

Source: Dandelion from Paper and Cotton

13. Funny Bunny from Crepe Paper

Make a hilarious rabbit with this easy paper craft! Using cardboard, crepe paper, glue and staples, let your child’s creativity run wild constructing their own cute bunny. With simple step-by-step instructions, this project helps develop fine motor skills while producing a fun furry friend.

Source: Funny Bunny from Crepe Paper

14. Butterfly Napkin Fold

Create an elegant butterfly centerpiece for your table with this fun napkin folding technique. Carefully fold a colorful napkin into an intricate butterfly shape. Place on plates for a whimsical touch at your next dinner party or special occasion. An easy way to add a creative flair.

Source: Butterfly Napkin Fold

15. Voluminous Paper Snowflake

Make a paper snowflake to create unique decor for your home. All you need for this snowflake is colored paper, glue and scissors. Just 15-20 minutes of your time and you’ll end up with a paper craft that you won’t be ashamed to decorate your Christmas tree with.

Source: How to Make a Voluminous Paper Snowflake?

16. Santa Claus Out of Paper

Use colored paper and glue to make a Santa Claus applique out of paper for holiday spirit. In this craft, you’ll use an openwork napkin to create a funny Santa face with a mustache.

Source: How to Make Santa Claus Out of Paper?

17. Snowman with Cardboard

Make an interesting snowman craft with cardboard and absorbent cotton. You will need to prepare ear sticks and cotton swabs to imitate snow and create an unusual house. Use glue to fix the elements of the decoration.

Source: How to Make Snowman with Cardboard

18. Toilet Paper Roll Penguin

To make a penguin from a toilet paper roll, first gather the materials. From just an ordinary roll, you can make a cute craft for play or as a funny box for office supplies. To create the face you could use decorative eyes or draw them with a felt-tip pen.

Source: How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Penguin?