How to Make Butterfly Napkin Fold?

The theme of any upcoming celebration determines the decor of the festive table. After all, on the anniversary of an adult and children’s birthday the table will be decorated differently. The way of folding the serving napkins will also be different. In my easy master-class you will learn how to make butterfly napkin fold.

Butterfly napkin fold

Such a decoration is more suitable for a children’s party or a romantic atmosphere, as the guests will see butterflies on the plates.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Get a red napkin

The beginning of the butterfly napkin fold

To show all the folding steps, take a red paper napkin similar to mine (you can choose any other one, of course). Unfold it completely. Fold the bottom of the napkin with an “accordion” to the middle.

Step 2: Working on the other side of the napkin

Upside-down red napkin

Flip the blank over to the other side and at the same time turn it 180 degrees.

Step 3: Make a triangle out of the rectangle

Folded rectangle into a triangle

Fold the right corner of the rectangle to the middle. Do the same with the left corner.

Step 4: Make a square out of the triangle

A square out of the triangle

Flip the butterfly piece over to the other side. Fold up the bottom right corner and place its tip under the top of the triangle. Do the same with the left bottom corner, putting it under the folded top.

Step 5: Make a fold in half

A fold in half

Fold the piece in half by folding the top edge down.

Step 6: Fold the craft piece more than halfway up

Folded craft more than halfway

Make the fold back more than halfway up.

Step 7: Fold one corner into the other

One corner into the other

Fold the left corner to the center. Fold the right corner to the center as well and bring it inside the left corner.

Step 8: Work on the back of the craft

Folded butterfly wings

Turn the piece over and see the creases on both sides, which will be the wings of the butterfly.

Step 9: Finish the craft

10 ready-made butterfly from napkins

Unfold the previously folded “accordion” from the left side up. Also gently unfold the right wing upward. You can tuck the edges of the wings back slightly to create volume. Your butterfly from a napkin is ready.


  • 1 napkin in red or another color


  • Hands.

Such decor on plates will surprise each of your guests, it will be the highlight of your event.