How to Make a Bright Paper Bookmark?

Try to make a beautiful and bright paper bookmark by interweaving four strips of paper. Use the my lesson to do this.

Bright Paper Bookmark

Paper bookmark

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Cut off the strips

Multi Colored Paper Strips

First, cut a 1 cm (0.3937”) wide strip from the long side of the paper. This should give you 4 strips of the same length but different colors.

Step 2: Glue two strips together

Red and Green Stripes

Take 2 of them (red and green in our case) and glue them together at right angles.

Step 3: Add a blue stripe

Three Glued Strips

Add a blue stripe and stick it on top of the green one (next to the red one).

Step 4: Glue the yellow stripe

Four Glued Strips

Glue the yellow stripe to the red stripe and weave it under the blue stripe.

Step 5: Start weaving the future bookmark

The Red Stripe is Curved to the Right

Take the red strip and flip it to the right. Form a smooth fold on the left side to create a vertical.

Step 6: Add a green stripe

The Green Stripe is Curved to the Left

Flip it to the left and make a smooth vertical edge on the right.

Step 7: Put the yellow stripe on the top

The Green Stripe Under the Yellow One

Weave this green stripe under the yellow one to create a weave.

Step 8: Fold the blue strip

The Blue Stripe is Curved to the Right

Take the blue stripe and throw it to the right.

Step 9: Work with the yellow stripe

The Yellow Stripe is Folded Under the Bottom of the Bookmark

Fold the yellow strip from right to left. Fold the strip backwards and place it under the bookmark.

Step 10: Put the red stripe on the top

Yellow Stripe Under the Red One

Weave the yellow stripe under the red stripe.

Step 11: Working with the green stripe

The Green Stripe is Curved to the Right

Continue to weave, folding the green stripe to the right.

Step 12: Add a red stripe

Red Stripe Under the Blue One

Throw the red stripe to the left and weave it under the blue one.

Step 13: Work similarly

The Weaving is Finished

Continue to weave the bookmark as described above.

Step 14: Prepare the glue

The Glued Ends of the Strips

If the ends of the strips are short, fix them with glue at each fold.

Step 15: Prepare the scissors

The Cut End of a Bookmark

Cut the bottom of the bookmark at an angle to create a nice edge.


  • paper in four colors;


  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • ruler.

Bookmark Materials and Tools
Materials and tools

You have such a bright bookmark made of paper strips.

Bookmark Made of Paper Strips
Photo: Marina Makarova

You can use different colors and combine them according to your taste.