How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Penguin?

An ordinary paper toilet paper roll is a disposable material and also an alternative for children’s creativity. A simple cylindrical part can become the basis of any craft, it is enough to show a little imagination, have in the arsenal of glue and colored paper. Let’s see how to make a toilet paper roll penguin. This easy crafts is suitable for children in the kindergarten or school. To make it, you need to use a minimum amount of materials and repeat only a few steps described below.

Toilet paper roll

The toilet paper roll penguin

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Prepare a toilet paper roll

Materials for making a penguin

From it you will need to make a figure of the Arctic bird penguin. It has a black torso, so you will also need to prepare black paper or color the cardboard with gouache, but it is easier and more accurate to work with paper. If you do not have a ready-made cylinder, it is not difficult to form it from cardboard.

Step 2: Glue the black paper on

Glue the black paper on

Glue black paper to the top of the cylinder – this is the main piece to be transformed into a penguin.

Step 3: Make the front of the penguin

Make the front of the penguin

Arctic birds have a prominent white breast, so cut an oval out of white paper and glue it in the center.

Step 4: Make the penguin’s paws and wings

Make the penguin's paws and wings

Cut 2 more paws out of red paper and glue them at the bottom, and make small, oblong, drop-shaped wings on the sides.

Step 5: Make the penguin’s eyes and nose

Make the penguin's eyes and nose

Glue decorative eyes and a small red triangle in the shape of a beak on top of the craft.

Step 6: Finish the craft

A made penguin craft

You have a penguin-like craft that can be used as a vase or coaster if you glue a paper bottom to the bottom.


  • toilet paper roll;
  • black, white and red paper;
  • 2 decorative eyes.


  • scissors;
  • glue.