6 Top Foam Crafts Ideas

1. Foam Snowflake

Create a stunning glittery snowflake with just foam and glue! Carefully cut strips of glitter foam, make angled cuts to fold into points, then glue ends together to form 8 identical rays. Glue rays in circle around rolled foam centerpiece for dazzling wintry home decor. Simple materials make sparkly snowflake in minutes.

Source: How to Make a Foam Snowflake

2. Hair Side Comb with Foam Flowers

Create a delicate hair accessory with this foam flower side comb. Handcraft colorful blooms in blue, white, and green hues using foam sheets and wire. Arrange the sculpted floral pieces on a felt-covered comb base for a charming spring-inspired look. The foam flowers add a whimsical touch perfect for special occasions.

Source: Hair Side Comb with Foam Flowers

3. Foam Rose

Craft an elegant rose from basic foam using this simple tutorial. Carefully shape graceful petals with a lighter and glue gun, layering them to form a lovely bloom. The final foam flower creates a stylish accessory or decoration for any event. Trim the stem as desired with scissors.

Source: How to Make a Foam Rose?

4. Foam Hair Clip

Transform a basic hair clip into a fashion statement! Carefully cut foamy petals, curl into roses, and glue onto clip base. Embellish center with beads for added glam. Fun craft to style up plain hair accessories with flair using just foam, glue and scissors.

Source: Foam Hair Clip

5. Foam Aster Flower

Create a faux floral masterpiece with this foam aster tutorial. Twist yellow foam strips around a wire for the center, then cut and shape purple foam into delicate petals. Glue together and use an iron to add realistic creases and texture. The finished foam flower makes lovely wearable art or home decor.

Source: How to Make Foam Aster Flower

6. Easy Foamiran Flowers

Create unusual glittery foam flowers with this easy tutorial. Simply cut foam circles, shape into petals with an iron, and assemble on a felt base. Decorate the foam flower center with sparkling rhinestones. Perfect for handmade jewelry and decorations with a magical, faceted look.

Source: Easy Foamiran Flowers