How to Make a Foam Rose?

With a thin foam you can make many flowers. In this lesson you will learn step by step how to make a foam rose. You can use it later as a decoration.

Foamiran Rose

The foamiran rose

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Prepare a template for future rose petals

Pattern of Flower

Draw a blank of five petals on paper, then cut it out. Place the paper blank on the foam and circle it with a toothpick.

Step 2: Repeat the steps several times

Foamiran Petals

Make 3 such blanks with petals.

Step 3: Use a lighter

Wavy Petals

You will be working the petals to give them a more plausible shape. Gently warm the underside of the petal, then use your fingers to pinch the petal. This is how you work a blank with the petals.

Step 4: Prepare the remaining blanks

Two Wavy Petals

Do other blanks a little differently. Heat each petal in two places (on the sides) and make clamps. You should get blanks like this.

Step 5: Prepare a toothpick and foil

Foil Cone on a Toothpick

Make a base for the future rose. Form a cone out of foil and fix it to a toothpick with hot glue.

Step 6: Use a glue gun

Foil Cone with Petals

Thread the first blank with the petals through the bottom of the toothpick. Fix the petals to the bottom with a glue gun.

Step 7: Connect the first petal to the bud

One Petal is Folded onto a Cone

Take one of the petals and wrap it around a foil cone.

Step 8: Connect the second petal to the bud

The Second Petal is Folded onto a Cone

Grab the second petal, one from the first. Fix it with glue around the center.

Step 9: Repeat for the other petals

All Petals are Folded onto a Cone

Glue all the petals of the first blank in this way to make a rosebud.

Step 10: Take the second blank

The Second Blank is Attached to the Main Part

Add a second blank with petals. Press lightly on the bottom.

Step 11: Transform the petals of the second blank

Curved Petals of the Second Billet

Alternately glue each petal to the bud, forming a second row.

Step 12: Connect the third blank to the main body

The Third Blank is Attached to the Main Part

Thread the third blank with the petals.

Step 13: Finish forming the rose petals

Rose with Formed Petals

Press the remaining petals into the flower at the bottom.

Step 14: Pick up the scissors

Rose from Foamiran

Cut off the toothpick located at the bottom of the flower. You should get a similar red rose from foamiran.


  • red foam 1 mm thick;
  • foil.


  • scissors;
  • toothpick;
  • glue gun;
  • lighter.

Materials and Tools for Foamiran Rose
Materials and tools

This craft takes little time, but it looks fancy and expensive. This flower will look good as an accessory or jewelry.