How to Make a Adorable Foamiran Rose

Using a thin foamiran, you can make many flowers. This lesson provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a foamiran rose. You can use it later as a decoration.

Materials and tools:

  • red foamiran 1 mm thick;
  • scissors;
  • foil;
  • toothpick;
  • glue gun;
  • lighter.
Materials and Tools for Foamiran Rose
Materials and Tools for Foamiran Rose
Foamiran Rose

How to make a rose flower from foamiran in 14 steps.

Total Time: 25 minutes

  1. Prepare a Template for Future Rose Petals
    Pattern of Flower

    Draw a blank consisting of five petals on paper, then cut it out. Apply the paper blank to the foamiran and circle it with a toothpick.

  2. Repeat the Steps Several Times
    Foamiran Petals

    Make 3 such blanks with petals.

  3. Use a Lighter
    Wavy Petals

    You will process the petals, giving them a more plausible shape. Gently warm the lower surface of the petal, then make a clamp on it with your fingers. In this way, process one blank with the petals.

  4. Prepare the Other Blanks
    Two Wavy Petals

    Do other blanks a little differently. Warm each petal in two places (on the sides) and make clamps. You should get such blanks.

  5. Prepare a Toothpick and Foil
    Foil Cone on a Toothpick

    Make a base for the future rose. Form a cone of foil and fix it with hot glue on a toothpick.

  6. Use a Glue Gun
    Foil Cone with Petals

    Thread the first blank with the petals through the lower part of the toothpick. Fix the petals at the bottom with a glue gun.

  7. Connect the First Petal to the Bud
    One Petal is Bent onto a Cone

    Take one of the petals and wrap it around a cone made of foil.

  8. Connect the Second Petal to the Bud
    The Second Petal is Bent onto a Cone

    Grab the second petal, located one from the first. Fix it with glue around the middle.

  9. Repeat the Steps with the other Petals
    All Petals are Bent onto a Cone

    Glue all the petals of the first blank in this way, forming a rosebud.

  10. Take the Second Blank
    The Second Blank is Attached to the Main Part

    Add a second blank with petals. Lightly ix it at the bottom.

  11. Transform the Petals of the Second Blank
    Curved Petals of the Second Billet

    Alternately glue each petal to the bud, forming a second row.

  12. Connect the Third Blank to the Main Part
    The Third Blank is Attached to the Main Part

    Thread the third blank with the petals.

  13. Finish Forming the Rose Petals
    Rose with Formed Petals

    Press the remaining petals to the flower at the bottom.

  14. Take the Scissors
    Rose from Foamiran

    Cut off the toothpick located at the bottom of the flower. You should get a similar red rose from foamiran.

This craft takes little time, but it looks chic and expensive. This flower will look good as an accessory or jewelry.

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