How to Make Foamiran Aster Flower

Let’s look at the process of making asters using foamiran in two colors. Flowers look like real, because they are made of amazing material. This lesson shows how to make foamiran aster flower.

Materials and tools:

  • thin foamiran in lilac and yellow colors;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • toothpick;
  • a small piece of floral wire;
  • iron;
  • glue gun.
Materials for Aster from Foamiran
Materials for Aster from Foamiran
Aster from Foamiran

Astra from foamiran in 15 steps

Total Time: 35 minutes

  1. Prepare the strips
    Yellow and Purple Stripes

    Make preparations for the future Aster. To do this, cut a strip 30 cm long and 5 cm wide from the lilac foamiran. For the middle of the flower, cut a narrow yellow strip 1 cm wide and about 20 cm long.

  2. Work with the yellow stripe

    Start forming the middle of the Aster. Make frequent cuts on the yellow blank with scissors. The cuts should not reach the opposite edge.

  3. Use a metal part
    Yellow Stripe and Wire

    Take a floral wire, twist it and glue it to the edge of the yellow strip.

  4. Use the glue
    Twisting the Yellow Stripe

    Twist the yellow blank, periodically fixing it with hot glue. In this case, the incisions should be turned up, they will be the stamens of the flower.

  5. Twist the strip

    You should get an yellow center of the flower, as in the photo.

  6. Glue the lilac stripe
    Gluing the Purple Stripe

    Take the lilac strip of foamiran to make the aster petals. Fold the edges of the strip in half and glue them together.

  7. Finish gluing the lilac stripe
    Glued Purple Stripe

    You should get a strip glued on one side.

  8. Cut the lilac stripe

    Use scissors to make incisions on the side of the fold, not reaching the glued side.

  9. Process the strip completely
    Incisions on the Entire Purple Stripe

    Make these cuts along the entire lilac stripe.

  10. Cut along the fold
    Cutting a Strip at the Bend

    Cut a line along the entire length of the lilac strip at the bend point with scissors. You will get a narrow blank for the petals of the Aster.

  11. Connect the yellow and lilac foamiran together
    Yellow and Purple Foamiran Together

    Apply the yellow center to the edge of the lilac strip and fix it with hot glue.

  12. Fix it with glue
    Purple Aster Petals

    Continue to twist the lilac petals on the yellow blank. Periodically fix some places with hot glue.

  13. Spread the flower
    Flower on the Reverse Side

    This is easier to do if you turn it over, then the petals should spread out to the sides.

  14. Get an aster with straight petals
    Aster with Straight Petals

    The flower should look like this from the front side, as shown in the photo.

  15. Make the petals wavy
    Aster with Bent Petals

    Use an iron to make the flower more realistic. Apply your flower to a preheated iron for a few seconds. If necessary, form the petals. Cut the extra floral wire from the back of the flower. You should get a similar Aster from foamiran.

This flower can be the basis for creating a cute jewelry or unique decor.

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