How to Make Hair Side Comb with Foam Flowers?

Handmade jewelry is always fashionable and relevant. Hair accessories attract attention, immediately refresh the look, make it festive and complete. If you want to make the same elegant side comb decorated with flowers and leaves from foam for yourself or as a gift, then you need to get all the necessary materials for the work and repeat all the stages of creative modeling. The proposed side comb is very beautiful. A delicate combination of white, blue and blue colors with lush green looks summery. The proposed hair jewelry will be relevant for any holiday, so it is necessary to have such handmade beauty in stock.

Hair side comb with foamiran flowers

The size of the finished product is about 14 cm. Such a composition will look great on a hoop. On the lawn will be scattered green leaves, complex stamens and 9 flowers (3 pieces each of dark blue, blue and white color). All elements will be made of foam, glued with thermal glue. The details are worked with a hot iron, cut from soft sheets.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Step 1: Take a leaf mold

2 leaf mold

To make realistic leaves, prepare green rectangles from foam. You’ll also need a mold in the shape of the leaves. You can find all of these in the crafts department.

Step 2: Press the foamiran with the mold

3 foamiran in the mold

Place the foamiran on one part of the mold and press down on top of the other part to make a real leaf print. Burnish the surface of the greenery with a heated iron.

Step 3: Form the first leaf

The first leaf from foamiran

Remove the mold, cut the rectangles so that you get oval parts with pointed corners. Also make cuts along the edge, pulling the material with your fingers. Leaves will get with veins, scalloped, like real ones.

Step 4: Make the base for the side comb

Pieces for the side comb

Cut out the base for the comb – a green felt rectangle 2,5*8 cm. Prepare unusual compound stamens and also make the leaves using the previous step. You need few parts for the base. If you use already prepared stamens with sugar heads, gathered in bunches, your work will be simplified.

Step 5: Glue the details to the base

6 the base for the side comb

Form a lawn, symmetrically placing the leaves and stamens on it. You need to glue all the green parts around the circumference, forming a beautiful base. Use hot glue.

Step 6: Prepare the flowers

7 flower blanks

Cut out the small blanks for the flowers, focusing on the sizes given in the list. Each flower will consist of two layers of white, dark blue or blue foamine, and a sepal will be attached to each bud. And you’ll also need simple stamens with small heads.

Step 7: Use a dishwashing sponge

Dishwashing sponge

Cut the green sepals with five petals thickly along the petals. Press them with a pencil onto a soft sponge, pressing them with a hot iron beforehand to give a curved shape.

Step 8: Make the sepals

The sepals

Make 9 beautiful voluminous sepals. Their shape will resemble bells.

Step 9: Repeat the previous step with other colors

Volumetric blanks for flowers of three colors

Make the same volumetric blanks for flowers of three colors, stamens.

Step 10: Put the two-layer parts together

Two-layer flowers

Insert the stamens inside the heads, folding in the centre, pulling the thread through the hole. Add a blue centre to the white piece and a blue centre to the blue piece. This way the contrast will be even more interesting.

Step 11: Make the flowers

9 flowers

Glue the bottom green layer underneath, threading the stamen thread through the hole.

Step 12: Put the blanks together

Comb base and flowers

The main parts of the beautiful hand-made decoration are ready – these are 9 flowers and a green lawn.

Step 13: Use hot glue

Glued flowers on the comb

Start gluing the flowers from the sides first. Lift them at an angle so they all fit.

Step 14: Glue all the flowers on

Partially made craft

Then fill the inside base of the comb with all the flowers.

Step 15: Take the comb

16 finished comb with foam flowers

Glue the comb underneath.


  • 10 rectangles of green foam for leaves – 4*6 cm;
  • mold for forming realistic leaf veins;
  • compound stamens of green color – 6 cm;
  • rectangle of green felt – 2,5*8 cm;
  • 6 flowers from 6 petals of dark blue, blue, white color with diameter – 3 cm;
  • 9 sepals from 5 petals of green color with diameter – 3 cm;
  • 3 double-sided stamens of dark blue, blue, white color; comb 7,5 cm.


  • scissors;
  • dishwashing sponge;
  • hot glue;
  • pencil.

You will have such a beautiful piece of jewelry. Of course, you will have to fiddle with the foamiran, especially if you do not have the appropriate form, but the jewelry looks very beautiful on the hair. The time and effort is fully justified by the elegant appearance of the product. Lift the hair into a bun and place the side comb on top.