How to Make Gorgeous Flower from Foamiran

The plasticity of foamiran allows you to create a variety of flowers from it. In this life hack you will learn how to make a flower with unusual petals from glitter foamiran.

Materials and tools:

  • blue and silver glitter foamiran;
  • a circle of white felt;
  • toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • decorative rhinestones;
  • glue gun.
Materials for the Flower of Foamiran
Materials for the Flower of Foamiran
Flower of Foamiran with Unusual Petals

Flower from Foamiran in 9 Steps

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Prepare a circle to create a flower
    Cardboard Round Blank

    The circle will be a blank for the petals of the future flower. To make the circle smooth, you can prepare a cardboard round blank in advance, and then transfer it to the wrong side of the foamiran with a toothpick.

  2. Cut out small circles to create the petals
    Eight Circles of Foamiran

    Cut out 8 circles for the flower (4 blue and 4 silver colors). In my example, the blanks have a diameter of 4 centimeters.

  3. Use an iron
    The Circle is Bent with an Iron

    Preheat the iron. With it, you will make unusual petals for a flower. To do this, first attach the round blank to the heated iron with the shiny side up. Wait until the circle begins to rise.

  4. Form a petal
    Folded the Circle in Half

    Start forming a petal. To do this, fold the circle in half with the shiny side inside, and then bend one half of it at an angle. You will get such petal from the blue glitter foamiran.

  5. Form all the petals

    Work with other round workpieces in the same way. All the petals should be the same. In total, you need to make 8 blanks for the flower.

  6. Glue the petal to the circle
    The Flower Petal is Glued to the Circle

    Collect all the petals on a circle that is cut out of white felt. Its diameter should be 4 cm. Fix the first blue petal using hot glue.

  7. Glue the second petal to the circle
    Two Flower Petals Glued to a Circle

    The Next petal will be silver, apply it slightly over the blue petal.

  8. Glue all the petals
    All Flower Petals is Glued to the Circle

    In this way, gradually fix all 8 petals with the glue gun.

  9. Use a rhinestone
    Flower Petals with Rhinestones

    Decorate the middle of the flower with a decorative rhinestone.

According to this principle, you can make flowers from various foamiran, and then use them as a decorative element of any jewelry.

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