How to Make Easy Foam Flowers

The plasticity of foam allows you to make a variety of flowers from it. In this life hack, you will learn how to make a flower with unusual petals from glitter foam.

Foamiran Flowers Tutorial

Flower of Foamiran with Unusual Petals

Foamiran flower

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1: Prepare a circle to create a flower

Cardboard Round Blank

The circle will be a blank for the petals of the flower. To make the circle smooth, you can prepare a round cardboard blank beforehand and then transfer it to the wrong side of the foamiran with a toothpick.

Step 2: Cut out small circles to make petals

Eight Circles of Foamiran

Cut out 8 circles for the flower (4 blue and 4 silver). In my example, the circles are 4 centimeters in diameter (1,5748″).

Step 3: Use an iron

The Circle is Folded with an Iron

Preheat the iron. You will use it to make unusual petals for a flower. First, place the round blank, shiny side up, on the heated iron. Wait until the circle begins to rise.

Step 4: Form a petal

Folded the Circle in Half

Start by forming a petal. Fold the circle in half with the shiny side inside and then fold one half at an angle. You can get such a petal from the blue glitter foam.

Step 5: Form all the petals

Do the same with other round pieces. All the petals should be the same. In total, you will need to make 8 blanks for the flower.

Step 6: Glue the petal to the circle

The Flower Petal is Glued to the Circle

Collect all the petals on a circle cut out of white felt. Its diameter should be 4 cm (1,5748”). Fix the first blue petal with hot glue.

Step 7: Glue the second petal to the circle

Two Flower Petals Glued to a Circle

The next petal will be silver, apply it lightly over the blue petal.

Step 8: Glue all the petals

All Flower Petals is Glued to the Circle

Continue to glue all 8 petals one by one with the glue gun.

Step 9: Using rhinestones

Flower Petals with Rhinestones

Decorate the center of the flower with a decorative rhinestone.


  • blue and silver glitter foam;
  • a circle of white felt;
  • iron;
  • decorative rhinestones.


  • toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun.

Materials for the Flower of Foamiran
Materials and tools

According to this principle, you can make flowers from various foam, and then use them as a decorative element of any jewelry.

Video Tutorial