DIY Beautiful Foamiran Flower Hair Clip

Beautiful jewelry for a girl can be made by yourself. In this lesson, you will learn how to make foamiran flower hair clip from a metal base with your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  • thin pink foamiran;
  • glitter silver foamiran;
  • scissors;
  • toothpick;
  • ruler;
  • bead;
  • metal base for hair clips;
  • glue gun.
Materials and Tools for Hairpins
Materials and Tools for Hairpins
Foamiran Flower Hair Clip

How to make flower hair clip from foamiran in 12 steps

Total Time: 35 minutes

  1. Use scissors for pink foamiran
    Pink Stripes

    First make blanks for the flower. To do this, cut a thin pink foamiran into strips 18 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Cut the markings with a toothpick and a ruler, and then cut with scissors.

  2. Make a petal
    Pink Blank

    Warm up the glue gun. Take the first strip and start twisting it. At the beginning fix one end with hot glue and then wrap it in the following way, as shown in the photo. At the end, reattach the end of the strip with the glue gun.

  3. Prepare 6 petals
    Six Pink Blank

    Twist another 5 blanks from the remaining strips. They will be the petals for the future flower.

  4. Take the glue gun
    Pairs of Pink Blanks

    Glue them together in pairs. You should get 3 pairs.

  5. Glue foamiran twisted parts
    Petals of Pink Blanks

    Connect all the blanks together, forming flower petals.

  6. Make the middle of the flower
    A Flower with a Silvery Core

    Cut a small circle of silver foamiran and glue it to make flower core.

  7. Add jewelry
    Flower with a Pearl

    Decorate the middle with a pearl bead on top. Stick it with hot glue.

  8. Attach the base to the bottom of the flower
    Flower on the Reverse Side

    Glue a circle of pink foamiran on the wrong side of the flower.

  9. Use pink foamiran
    Pin with Pink Stripe

    Prepare the base for the hairpin. To do this, glue the strip to a metal surface carved from pink foamiran.

  10. Create leaves with scissors
    Silver Leaves

    Cut the leaves out of the glittering silver foamiran.

  11. Decorate the hairpin
    Hair Clip with Leaves

    Glue these leaves to the top pink stripe of the clip.

  12. Finish your craft
    Ready Made Hairpin on the Back Side

    Glue the flower on a hair clip. The hairpin looks like this from the back, as shown in the photo.

You should get a similar Foamiran Flower Hair Clip, as in the photo. You can choose a different color or even combine colors.

Hair Clip with a Flower from Foamiran
Hair Clip with a Flower from Foamiran

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