How to Make a Paper Owl?

Make an unusual craft! Use strips of paper to create a weave. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a paper owl.

Paper Owl

Paper owl craft

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Prepare a sheet of paper

Drawn Outline

Make an orange base for your owl. The size of the craft can vary. For our example, we will use half of an A4 sheet. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Draw the outline of the half for the future owl.

Step 2: Use scissors

Cut out Blank

Use scissors to cut the craft along the contour.

Step 3: Create an owl body

Owl Body

You should get the same owl as in the photo.

Step 4: Make the cuts

Cutting Stripes in the Owl's Belly

Now fold the owl’s body in half in the other direction. Use scissors to make several parallel cuts about 1.5 cm apart.

Step 5: Straighten the workpiece again

Cuts in the Owl's Belly

You should have an owl with slits in its belly.

Step 6: Prepare colored strips

Multicolored Stripes

Cut them out about 1.5 cm wide on the long side of the sheet. You will need to make 4 strips of different colors.

Step 7: Weave a strip

Slide the first light green strip through the slits on the owl’s belly.

Step 8: Do this with another strip

Two Stripes in the Body of Anowl

Use the second purple strip. Push it through the slits to get the weave.

Step 9: Finish the weave

Weaving on the Body of an Owl

Add the remaining strips in the same way. Make sure that the strips create a weave on the slits.

Step 10: Trim the ends

Neatly Trimmed Strips

Trim the edges of the strips at an angle on both sides to make owl wings.

Step 11: Use a marker

Eyes on an Owl

Draw big eyes on white paper, cut them out and stick them on.

Step 12: Make a nose

Take the red paper, fold it in half and cut out a triangle. This blank will be the beak of an owl.

Step 13: Create tassels on the ears

Tassels on the Ears

Make owl ears. Cut some thin strips of orange paper, fold them and glue them together. The paper owl is finished.


  • Colored paper.


  • Black marker;
  • Glue stick;
  • Scissors.

Materials for the Owl
Materials and tools

You can complicate the craft. Instead of 4 strips, cut more to make the owl look even nicer.