DIY Gorgeous 3D Paper Tulip: 14 Steps

There are different ways to make a paper Tulip. In today’s lesson, you will learn the easiest way to make a 3D paper tulip. This craft can be done even by small children.

Materials and tools:

  • square of red paper with 11 cm side;
  • a sheet of green paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.
Tools and Materials for Paper Tulip
Tools and Materials for Paper Tulip
Paper Tulip

How to make paper tulip in 14 steps

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Prepare a piece of red paper
    A Square of Red Paper

    Start making the flower. To make it, prepare a square of red paper.

  2. Transform paper
    Square with a Bent Middle

    Mark the transverse bends on the square.

  3. Transform the paper to other sides
    Square with a Bent Middle on the Diagonal

    Fold the blank along two diagonals.

  4. Use a scissors
    Square with Incisions

    Make incisions along the transverse folds about 2.5-3 cm.

  5. Use the glue

    Apply glue to the area next to the incision.

  6. Connect the cut parts together
    Glued Edges of a Square

    Glue the cut edges of the square.

  7. Form a flower head
    Flower Head

    Glue all the cuts in the same way, as a result of which you will get a flower.

  8. Work with the green paper
    Cut Parts of Green Paper

    First cut the sheet of paper in half, and then divide one part again into 2 halves.

  9. Use a large piece of green paper
    Creating a Paper Stalk

    Make a stalk for a Tulip from a large blank. To do this, roll the sheet into a tube.

  10. Form the stalk completely
    Paper Stalk

    Fix the edges with glue. Your stalk is ready.

  11. Take the scissors
    The Cut on the Stem

    Make 4 incisions at the end of the stalk, and bend the edges.

  12. Connect the parts of the flower together
    Glued the Petals to the Stalk

    Apply glue and connect the stalk to the red flower.

  13. Use small pieces of green paper
    Cutting out a Leaf

    Fold the remaining 2 pieces of green paper in half and cut out the outline of the leaf.

  14. Prepare the glue
    Two Leaves

    As a result, you will get 2 leaves. Fix them with glue at the bottom of the stem.

The paper Tulip is ready. You can make a bouquet of beautiful flowers or put them in a vase.

Tulip Out of Pape
Tulip Out of Pape

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