How to Make Beautiful Dandelion from Paper and Cotton

For sure, your child knows a flower that changes its color from yellow to white, turning into a fluffy ball. In this lesson, we will learn how to make dandelion from paper and cotton.

Tools and Materials:

  • yellow, blue, light green paper;
  • cotton;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • markers;
  • decorative eyes.
Tools and Materials for Dandelion
Tools and Materials for Dandelion
Paper Dandelion

Dandelion from paper and cotton in 9 Steps

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Prepare the paper parts
    Cut Paper Parts

    First make blanks of colored paper for the future dandelion. Cut out a circle of yellow paper and a rectangle of light green paper.

  2. Glue the stem and center of the flower
    Glued Stem

    Form a stalk from a green blank. Twist the tube, fix its edge with glue. Place the blue sheet vertically. Glue the green stalk on it and the yellow circle that will be the middle of the dandelion.

  3. Use cotton wool for the dandelion parachute
    Gluing Cotton Wool to a Flower

    Use cotton wool. First apply the glue around the yellow blank. Tear off the pieces of cotton wool and glue them separately.

  4. Glue the parachutes of a dandelion
    All Parachutes Dandelions are Attached

    Gradually form the white part to create dandelion parachutes.

  5. Use green paper
    Flower Leaf Segment

    Cut out leaves from green paper for your flower. Fold several rectangles along, and then cut out one side in the shape of claw leaves.

  6. Create three sheets based on the sample
    Three Leaves of the Dandelion

    You should get such jagged leaves as in the photo.

  7. Attach details
    The Flower Leaves are Glued to the Stem

    Glue the leaves to the bottom of the stem. Apply the glue only in one place in the form of a small circle.

  8. Create eyes on the face
    Flower with Eyes

    Add decorative eyes to your dandelion using glue.

  9. Make dandelion facial features
    Flower with a Drawn Mouth and Nose

    Draw the mouth and nose with markers. You should get such a voluminous craft with a funny dandelion made of cotton and paper.

Have fun with your child making this craft.

Video Tutorial

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