How to Make Beautiful Flowers from Paper Napkins

Paper napkins for today’s crafts are available in any kitchen. We will use them to create the beautiful flowers that are shown in this life hack.

Tools and Materials:

  • white paper napkins;
  • thin floral wire;
  • scissors;
  • red gouache paint and a brush;
  • floral ribbon.
Tools and Materials for Paper Flower
Tools and Materials for Paper Flower
Three Delicate Flowers from Napkins

Paper flowers in 12 steps

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Use one paper napkin for each flower
    Paper Cuts with Scissors

    Before working, the napkin should be folded. Cut a wide strip from the napkin.

  2. Cut the napkin into two parts
    Two Pieces of Paper Napkin

    Cut the remaining part into 2 identical halves.

  3. Put them one on top of the other
    One Piece of Paper Napkin

    You now have workpiece for the flower, which consists of eight layers.

  4. Fold the napkin into an accordion
    The Toothpick Presses the Napkin

    Start folding them like an accordion.

  5. Tighten the Blank for the Flower with Wire

    After that, tighten the folded workpiece, with a floral wire in the middle.

  6. Fold the napkin into a bow
    Straighten a Paper Napkin

    Straighten a paper napkin in the following way.

  7. Lift up one layer of napkin
    Lifting the Layers of Napkin

    Start lifting the layers of paper napkin.

  8. Lift up all the layers of the napkin
    Finished Flower Head

    Carefully lift all the layers, as a result of which you will get such a flower.

  9. Wrap the lower part of the flower with a floral ribbon
    Wrap the Stem with Flower Ribbon

    This material is sticky when stretched, so it can be used without glue.

  10. Form the flower stalk as on the sample
    Formed the Stem of a Flower

    The flower stalk is ready.

  11. Paint the flower with a brush
    Red Gouache Paint

    Now use red gouache paint to design the middle of the flower.

  12. But first you need to dilute the paint in water
    Painted the Center of the Flower

    Dip the brush in this water and lightly paint the center of the flower.

So you can make other types of flowers from paper napkins in a similar manner.

Made Flowers from Paper Napkins
Made Flowers from Paper Napkins

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