How to Make a Handprint Easter Bunny Craft

Engage your child in creativity. Make a little animal together from the print of his hand on the paper. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a handprint Easter Bunny.

Materials and tools:

  • blue and pink paper;
  • a small rectangle of white paper;
  • a simple pencil scissors;
  • glue black marker.
Materials for Handprint Bunny
Materials for Handprint Bunny
Handprint Bunny

Handprint bunny craft in 8 steps

Total Time: 25 minutes

  1. Create a rabbit head from handprint

    First tracing the child’s hand with a pencil on a piece of blue paper. The child can try to do it himself. Cut out the drawn handprint with scissors, which will be a blank for the future Bunny.

  2. Create a rabbit hand
    Bent Thumb

    Bend your thumb on this blank. It will become one of the Bunny’s paws.

  3. Make a second hand
    Bent Little Finger

    The second paw will be the curved little finger.

  4. Get rid of the extra finger
    Handprint without the Middle Finger

    Bend the middle finger on this paper handprint in the opposite direction to indicate the Bunny ears.

  5. Take a marker

    Take care of the design of your crafts. Draw eyes with a black marker on the palm of the hand.

  6. Use colored paper
    Parts for Ears and Nose

    Cut the elements out of pink paper and stick them in place for the ears and nose.

  7. Make a smile for the rabbit
    Drawn Mouth

    Draw the rabbit’s mouth with a black marker.

  8. Add a pair of teeth
    Teeth for a Bunny

    Draw the teeth on a small piece of white paper with a black marker, then cut them out and glue them. You will get a Bunny, as in the photo.

Spend a fun time with your child creating such a funny Easter Bunny. This craft is suitable not only for a child, but also for a toddler.

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