Paper Handprint Bunny Craft

Encourage your child to be creative. Together, you can make a small animal from his handprint on the paper. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a handprint Easter bunny.

Handprint Bunny

Easter bunny handprint

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Create a rabbit head from a handprint


First, trace the child’s hand with a pencil on a piece of blue paper. The child can try to do this himself or herself. Cut out the handprint with scissors to make a blank for the future bunny.

Step 2: Create a bunny hand

Folded Thumb

Fold your thumb over this blank. It will become one of the bunny’s paws.

Step 3: Create a second hand

Folded Little Finger

The second paw will be the curved little finger.

Step 4: Get rid of the extra finger

Handprint without the Middle Finger

Fold the middle finger on this paper handprint in the opposite direction to indicate the bunny ears.

Step 5: Take a marker

Pay attention to the design of your crafts. Draw eyes on the palm with a black marker.

Step 6: Use colored paper

Parts for Ears and Nose

Cut out the elements from pink paper and glue them on for the ears and nose.

Step 7: Make the bunny smile

Drawn Mouth

Use a black marker to draw the rabbit’s mouth.

Step 8: Add a pair of teeth

Teeth for a Bunny

Draw the teeth on a small piece of white paper with a black marker, then cut them out and glue them on. You will have a bunny like the one in the photo.


  • blue and pink paper;
  • a small rectangle of white paper;


  • a simple pencil scissors;
  • glue black marker.

Materials for Handprint Bunny
Tools and materials

Spend a fun time with your child creating such a funny Easter bunny. This craft is not only for a child, but also for a toddler.