DIY Amazing Felt Easter Bunny

People begin to prepare for Easter in advance. Someone makes a menu for the holiday table, and someone decorates the house. Let’s do the holiday decorations. I offer you an idea – DIY felt Easter bunny.

Use a thick felt so that the finished toy will hold its shape. This felt is good if the craft will be hanging on the wall. Soft felt can easily bend and lose its shape.

Make an Easy Felt Bunny

Felt Easter Bunny

Felt Easter Bunny

Total Time: 45 minutes

Step 1: Create a rabbit body and head

Drawing Circles with a Circle

With a spring bow compass or cup, draw two circles to make the body of an Easter bunny. One circle should be larger and the other smaller. The larger circle will be the body of the bunny, and the smaller circle will be the head.

Step 2: Connect two circles

The Drawn Circles on the Felt

Place the small circle next to the large one so that they intersect.

Step 3: Apply the scissors

Cut Circles

Use scissors to cut out these circles.

Step 4: Use an ear template

Pattern for Ear

From thick cardboard, cut an oval that is wider on one side than the other. Cut the narrow end in a straight line. You will have a rabbit ear template.

Step 5: Cut out the ears for the bunny

Two Felt Ears

Use this template to cut two ears out of felt.

Step 6: Connect the rabbit’s ears and head

Glued Ears on the Head

Glue the ears to the rabbit’s head with clear super glue.

Step 7: Make cuts in the felt

Cuts on Felt

Fold the bottom of the body. Use scissors to make cuts. Insert the pompon through these cuts and tie it with string on the wrong side of the toy. Make cuts with nail scissors for convenience.

Step 8: Make felt carrot

Carrot from Felt

Use the ear template to make a carrot. Cut out an identical piece of orange felt. Only in this case, instead of cutting off the narrow tip of the carrot in a straight line, make it round.

Step 9: Cut out the green leaf for the carrot

Foliage for Carrot

Cut an oval from the green felt to make carrot tops. Sharpen the ends and make cuts along the edges.

Step 10: Create a leaf outline

Nicks on the Edges of Leaves

Make the cuts again so that you get nicks on the edges.

Step 11: Connect the pieces of a carrot

Ready Made Carrot

Glue the carrot tops to the top.

Step 12: Use a cute accessory

Easter Bunny of Felt

Glue a decorative bow on the neck. The felt Easter bunny is finished.


  • Blue, green and orange felt;
  • Decorative bow;
  • Thick cardboard for the template;
  • Fur pompom.


  • Transparent super glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Springbow compass or a cup;
  • A simple pencil.

This funny and cute animal will appeal to all members of the family.