14 Best DIY Paper Flower Ideas

How to Make Best Paper flowers

Paper is needed not only to write on it, it can be used to make many different crafts. I suggest you consider 14 best DIY paper flowers.

1) Swirly Paper Flowers

Swirly Paper Flowers
Muhaiminah Faiz / Instructables

This is a very easy craft. To create it, you need to make many cuts on one sheet and twist the strips. Wrap the resulting blank around the stem. And that’s all! Your creativity will take a little time, but the result will be like that of professional masters.

2) Giant Paper Flower Wall Decor

Giant Paper Flower Wall Decor
SvetlanaV / Instructables

A great idea to diversify a boring plain wall. Make giant paper flowers and attach them to the wall. The room will look different, it will have a gentle and romantic atmosphere. Choose the colors according to the color scheme of the furniture.

Giant Paper Flower Wall Decor from SvetlanaV

3) Flowers in Coffee Palette

Flowers in Coffee Palette
Instagram / @daytee_flowers

Coffee shades in the interior are very popular, they look stylish and modern. And flowers in coffee palette complement any decor in the house. This craft is suitable for a themed wedding or other holiday.

4) Huge Crepe Paper Flowers for Wall

Huge Crepe Paper Flowers for Wall
Instagram / @angie.arellano

This is the case when the time spent is justified by a great result. You will need a lot of crepe paper for such a craft. The work is not difficult. All the petals are made according to the same scheme, the difference is only in size.

5) Heart of Paper Roses

Heart of Paper Roses
Instagram / @edineiatatiana

Almost all girls and women love flowers and hearts. A heart of many paper roses will appeal to everyone. Combine several red hues to create a beautiful color transition.

6) Rolled Paper Roses

Rolled Paper Roses
Cardstock Warehouse

This is a really easy craft not only for adults, but also for children. The essence of the work is to make rolls of paper, which may not be smooth. Give this modern bouquet to high-tech lovers.

DIY Paper Flower Rosette Bouquet from Cardstock Warehouse

7) Fluffy Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Centers Making Tutorial
Colors Papers

To make such a flower, you do not need to glue each strip separately. Everything is much simpler! Connect the pink and blue paper together and fold it in half. Make many even cuts along the fold line, but do not cut the paper completely. And twist it in a circle. The middle of the flower and the petals are made on the same principle, only for the petals you need a wider paper.

8) Paper Flower Bridal Hair Accessories

Paper Wedding Hairpiece
The House that Lars Built

Brides are always looking for the best dress, veil and jewelry. All women want to have things for their wedding that no one else has. Paper flower bridal hair accessories will stand out for their uniqueness. No one will have such a thing.

9) Icelandic Paper Poppy

Paper Poppy Tutorial Joann Event
The House that Lars Built

Simple poppies attract with their simplicity. If you are tired of popular flowers that everyone has, then pay attention to this sample. You can easily make such a craft.

10) Tissue Paper Snowdrop Flowers

Tissue Paper Snowdrop Flowers
Lia Griffith

Many people dream of seeing the first flowers of the year, but not everyone has the opportunity. Why not do a little magic and make them out of paper. You will be able to enjoy these fragile flowers at any time.

11) Beautiful Flowers from Paper Napkins

Made Flowers from Paper Napkins
Marina Evans / Easy Handmade Ideas

If you want to get creative, but you don’t have regular paper, then use paper napkins. You will also need any paint. This is a very cheap way to make a cute gift.

How to Make Beautiful Flowers from Paper Napkins from Easy Handmade Ideas.

12) 3D Flower Bouquet Card

3D Flower Bouquet Card
Moms and Crafters

A postcard is a good way to show your attention to a loved one or friend. Homemade cards with flowers are very popular. This craft is suitable even for children, as it is quite light. Use several shades of purple for the petals.

13 ) Quilling Flowers

Quilling Flowers
Instagram / @papersimplicity

Quilling flowers are like a work of art. A feature of such a bouquet is the correctly twisted curls of which the petals and leaves are composed. You will need a little practice to create such crafts.

14) Cream and Beige Roses

Cream and Beige Roses
Instagram / @meri__meryy

This is a very elegant flowers. Cream roses combined with beige flowers will perfectly fit into the interior. These flowers will be appropriate for decorations on holidays and as gifts.

Don’t be afraid to try making paper flowers. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, you will get a good result in the future.