15 Creative Paper Boxes You Can DIY

Do you need a gift wrap to present a gift? But sometimes commercial boxes are more expensive than the gift itself. Then try to make such a thing with your own hands. It can cost a lot less or even be free. Consider 15 creative paper boxes that you can make yourself.

1) Letter Shaped Boxes

DIY Letter Shaped Boxes
Studio DIY

Any person is pleased with the attention to their person. If you give a box in the form of a letter that begins with the person’s name, then they will be happy. If you want, you can make all the letters of the name and put small things in them. Your friend will be pleasantly surprised when they take turns opening the package.

2) Birthday Cake Gift Box

DIY Paper Birthday Cake Gift Box

You can use this wrapper in two ways. First, you can pack your cake or cupcakes. Secondly, you can present a wrapped gift in the form of a birthday cake to a friend who is on a diet and can not afford sweets.

3) Cake Gift Box

Cake Gift Box
@craftmachine_ / Instagram

It is boring to eat only one cake. Everyone wants to try different, but individual pieces of cake do not look attractive for a gift. But if you pack these pieces in separate packages in the form of individual slices, then your gift will be very much liked by your family. They will be able to enjoy different tastes of cakes.

4) Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

Paper Pyramid Gift Box Square Final White
Lines Across

If you need to give modest or small gifts, such as jewelry, then pay attention to the boxes in the shape of a pyramid. This form is unusual and interesting. Your gift will look delicious, even if the contents inside are a simple thing.

5) Giant Mache Egg Gift Box Idea

Giant Mache Egg Gift Box Idea
Charlie Bullock / Hobby Craft

Children really like kinder surprises and are looking for a gift inside with interest. You can make such a secret egg yourself using the papier mache technique. You will need a lot of plasticine to make it into an oval shape. Make a base for craft using paper, water and glue.

6) Paper Easter Basket

How to Make a DIY Paper Easter Basket
Good Housekeeping

There are gifts that have an inconvenient shape. And these things are difficult to put in compact boxes. In this case, baskets will help you. They are convenient to put cosmetics, fruits, sweets and many other items.

7) Grass Paper Boxes

Grass Gift Box
Delia Creates

Another good idea for packing gifts with uncomfortable sizes. This craft is very simple, experience is not needed here. Such a box in the form of grass looks very unusual. Because few people can come up with such an idea.

8) Carrot Paper Box

Easter Carrot Treat Boxes
Ella Claire Inspired

This is a very funny and cute package. This craft is suitable even as a toy for a child. Put some sweets in a paper carrot and give it to your baby. He will be happy with such a gift.

9) Boxes in Fruit Color

Fruit Themed Party Favor Boxes

This packaging option is suitable for theme parties. Juicy fruits cause a cheerful mood. Moreover, these boxes will make a pleasant atmosphere for your holiday. Your guests will appreciate the gift.

10) Pinata


Pinata is a well-known toy in which you can hide a lot of sweets, toys and all sorts of small things. It can be decorated with any materials: paper, ribbons, foil, feathers, rhinestones, and buttons. Shapes and colors can be absolutely any.

11) Paper Gift Box for Mother’s Day

DIY Paper Gift Box Horizontal
Happy Mothering

A small gift wrapping for Mother’s Day will touch the heart of any mother. The child will be able to make flowers by twisting paper. An adult can help make the box by drawing the outline on the fold paper.

12) Paper Boxes with Flowers

Paper Box Templates
Dreamy Posy

These gift boxes with miniature flowers will appeal to any woman. The refined style of packaging gives the gift elegancy. Use this craft for gifts with jewelry.

13) Printable Apple Boxes

Printable Apple Boxes
Oh Happy Day

Apple lovers will love these interesting packages. Box in the shape of an Apple look stylish and modern. To make such a craft, you will need to print out a sample or draw the fold lines with a pencil.

14) Bird House Gift Box

DIY Bird Nest Gift Box
I Creative Ideas

You can put chocolate or sweets in the Bird House Gift Box. These packages are convenient to use at Easter or New Year for gifts to children. You can make up a story that birds lived in this house and they left a gift for your child. The kid will remember the holiday for a long time.

15) Spooky Pumpkin Boxes for Halloween

Printable Pumpkin Box
Oh Happy Day

Year after year, people come up with new outfits and jokes for Halloween. Surprise your family and friends with gifts wrapped in spooky pumpkin boxes. Your pranks will surprise all your friends. Packaging will help in this case.

There are many unusual gift box ideas. The choice is large, but you need to choose only a few. Look at the samples that you can do or be patient and start practicing making complex boxes.