How to Make a Paper Clip Bookmark?

Paper clip bookmarks are a very simple and convenient accessory. They can be securely attached to the pages of the book. This bookmark will never bounce or get lost. But simple paper clips are not so interesting to use, try to decorate it with an animal figure. In this lesson you will learn how to make a funny bunny bookmark from a paper clip and a foam rubber.

A funny rabbit will make any child smile, and the child will be happy to open even a boring textbook.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Bookmark from a Paperclip

Bookmark from a paper clip and a foamiran

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1: Prepare all materials for work

Tools and Materials for a Funny Bunny

You need a blue foamiran to make a bunny figure. You can also use felt or pieces of old tight jeans – anything that is not a waste.

Step 2: Create a head and ears

Rabbit Ears

Draw a circle 4-6 cm (1,5748” – 2,3622”) in diameter on the prepared sheet and cut it out along the outline. You need to decorate a small paper clip, so the bunny should be small. Cut out two blanks for fun asymmetrical ears.

Step 3: Create limbs

Rabbit Paws

Cut out the little paws: arms and legs. These details are needed to create the figure.

Step 4: Glue all the pieces together

Glued Parts of a Rabbit

First glue the ears on top, then the paws on the sides, and the legs on the bottom. You have the body of a funny bunny.

Step 5: Create a face for a bunny

The Face of a Rabbit

Cut out small eyes and teeth from white paper and glue them to the center circle. Use a pen to draw a mouth, eyebrows, and fingers. Add dots to the eyes with a black marker. Cut a small nose from pink foamiran and glue it to the face. The upper piece for decorating the paper clip is finished.

Step 6: Prepare the paper clip

Glued Paper Clip with a Rabbit

Glue it to the other side of the figure. You can cut another circle for the reverse side to hide the joining point of all the pieces.


  • blue (dark blue) foamiran;
  • a pink bead or a small piece of pink foamiran;
  • white paper;
  • black marker.


  • an ordinary or colored paper clip;
  • super-glue;
  • scissors;
  • pen;
  • black marker.

The bookmark for the book is finished. It looks perfect on the pages of a children’s book. You can attach it to one or more pages of a book. The funny bunny will peek out even when the book is closed, and the child will definitely want to open the book and read.

Paper Clip Funny Bunny
Paper Clip Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny in the Book
Paper clip funny bunny in the book