How to Make a Hyacinth Flower from Drinking Straws

Flowers can be made not only from paper, clay and plasticine, but also from unusual materials. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a hyacinth flower from drinking straws.

Materials and tools:

  • a thin green drinking straw;
  • a couple of thick green and pink straws;
  • scissors;
  • transparent tape;
  • thin floral wire.
Materials and Tools for Hyacinus from Straws
Materials and Tools for Hyacinus from Straws
Hyacinth Flower from Drinking Straws

How to make a hyacinth from straws in 14 steps.

Total Time: 25 minutes

  1. Take a Straw
    Pink Straw on a Wire

    You will make a hyacinth flower from a thick pink straw. Insert a thin wire into the tube.

  2. Take the Scissors
    The Cuts in the Straw

    Start making frequent incisions on one side of the tube. Hold the wire on the other side, this will not cut through the tube completely.

  3. Cut the Straw to the End
    Many Cuts on the Straw

    Make incisions along the entire length of the straw with scissors.

  4. Straighten the Incisions
    Straightened Incisions

    You can do this with the tips of scissors or with a toothpick.

  5. Do not Remove the Wire
    Connected Two Straws

    Bend one end of it at a right angle and insert it into a thin green tube, which will be a hyacinth stalk.

  6. Twist the Straw
    Twisted Pink Straw

    Wind this wire (with a pink tube) around the green stalk. At the same time, gradually shift down.

  7. Twist to the End
    Fully Twisted Pink Straw

    Continue to twist, until the pink tube is not going to end. Wrap the tip of the wire around the stalk.

  8. Use a Green Straw
    Two Green Straws

    Start making leaflets for your flower. Cut a couple of pieces from a thick green tube.

  9. Make Incisions on the Green Straw
    Cut Green Straw

    Cut the straws lengthwise.

  10. Make the Sharp Ends of the Leaves
    Sharp Incisions

    Expand the resulting blank. Make long serrated incisions on one side of it.

  11. Use Scissors
    Leaves from a Straw

    Gently twist the tips with scissors.

  12. Repeat the Steps
    Two Pairs of Leaves from a Straw

    Make another such blank of leaves.

  13. Connect the Flower with the Leaves
    The Flower with the First Leaves

    Fasten the first leaves under the flower. Fix everything on transparent tape.

  14. Finish Your Craft
    Hyacinth Flower from Straws

    Fasten the remaining leaves in the same way. Your drinking straw hyacinth is ready.

If you make several flowers, you will get a beautiful bouquet. This can be used as a unique gift for your mother or grandmother.

How to Make a Hyacinth Flower from Drinking Straws
How to Make a Hyacinth Flower from Drinking Straws

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