How to Make Violets from Light Modeling Clay

Offer to make a craft from light modeling clay to your child. This material is also called air plasticine, because the figures become weightless. In this lesson, you will learn how to make violets from light modeling clay in a short time.

Working with this clay is very exciting. Its soft texture resembles a popular squishy toy that you want to touch and crumple in your hands. The child will not get dirty, because clay does not leave spots, it is non-greasy and does not stick to the hands. Pieces of clay stick well to each other and mix well.

Step-By-Step Tutorial to Making Violets from Light Clay

Final Image: Violets from Light Modeling Clay

Violets from light modeling clay in 7 Steps

Total Time: 35 minutes

Step 1: Prepare clay of the necessary color

Clay in a Plastic Bag

Take green, pink, blue, purple and yellow clay for work. The mass for modeling is packed in ordinary plastic bag with a clasp. Close each bag tightly after work so that the clay does not lose moisture. Otherwise, the clay will harden and will be unsuitable for modeling.

Step 2: Make balls

Balls of Clay

Prepare the balls to create the petals. Do not knead this clay, because it is very soft. Take blue, purple, pink and yellow color materials.

Step 3: Sculpt the petals

Petals from Clay

Combine the blue and pink balls to make the petals. They will be two-color and very beautiful. Spread purple modeling clay on the pink area in each petal.

Step 4: Sculpt a flower from details

Gather four or more petals in flowers. Attach the yellow balls to the center. They will be stamens. You can also attach stamens, which are intended for creativity.

Step 5: Create foliage

Leaves of Clay

Make sharp green leaves. Press them down on top with the plasticine stack to show the leaf veins. Shape the leaves with your fingers.

Step 6: Make a flower from the details

Leaves of Clay in a Flowerpot

If you want to make plants in a flower pot, then take an empty bottle cap. Fill it with green modeling clay. Attach the leaves on the edge and the flowers on top.

Step 7: Get the result of your exciting work

Ready Made Violet from Clay

The beautiful bouquet of violets from a unique light modeling clay is ready.


  • A set of light modeling clay, from which you will choose the colors that are suitable for modeling violets;
  • plasticine stack.


  • Bottle cap.

Try to sculpt a flower from an incredible and interesting material. And the children will want to do something else.