How to Crochet Amazing Mirror Organizer

Every fashion-conscious girl has a pocket mirror in her purse. To find it quickly in a bag, you need to make an original and bright package for it, for example, such an organizer in the form of a white bear. Let’s see how to crochet a mirror organizer in an easy way.

Simple Mirror Organizer Making Tutorial

Organizer for a Mirror

Mirror organizer

Total Time: 40 hours

Step 1: Hook air loops of white yarn

Hook with White Loop

Measure the width of the mirror with a ruler and remember it. Make four air loops of white yarn and hook them into a ring.

Step 2: Crochet a circle with white yarn

Crocheted Circle of White Thread

Crochet two rows of columns without a cap, adding in each loop. Crochet the other rows with the same columns but make additions less often. In the 3rd row make additions in every third loop, in the 4th row make additions in every fifth loop, etc. The main thing is to make sure that the crocheted disc stays flat and does not fold at the edges.

The diameter of such a circle should be equal to the diameter of the mirror + 0.5 cm (0.1969″). An extra half centimeter (0.1969″) is needed to allow the mirror to fit freely in the organizer.

Step 3: Crochet ears for a bear

Crocheting Bear Ears

When the base is crocheted, make white bear ears. Mark two points where the bear’s ears will be. Crochet the columns without the cape, not reaching 2 loops to the first marked point. Slip the hook into the marked loop and crochet 7-8 columns with the cape. Then attach the “fan” with a column without a cape.

Step 4: Crochet the edge of the ear

Crochet the Edge of the Ear

Turn the crochet and crochet a row of columns without a cap around the edge.

Step 5: Flip the crochet

Crocheting on the Reverse Side

Repeat the same steps on the reverse side.

Step 6: Working with the bear’s second ear

Crocheting the Second Ear

Crochet the second ear in the same way as the first ear.

Step 7: Crochet the second circle and join it to the first circle

Crocheting Two Circles

Crochet the second circle but without the ears. Join the two circles and place them face up. Then crochet the edges of the two circles together. Start at the end of the left ear.

Step 8: Finish crocheting two pieces of organizer

Two Circles are Crocheted

Finish crocheting at the beginning of the right ear.

Step 9: Make a hole in the organizer

Hole in the Organizer

You will get a hole through which you can put the mirror in the organizer.

Step 10: Make bear eyes and nose

Bear's Eyes and Nose

Cut out the bear’s nose and snout from black and white felt pieces and sew them to the circle with the ears. Sew beads instead of eyes and a decorative bow in the chin area.

Step 11: Create a frame for the organizer

A Frame for the Organizer

Crochet the edge of the organizer with red yarn in columns without a cape.


  • White yarn;
  • Red yarn;
  • Two beads for the eyes;
  • Felt pieces in black and white;
  • Decorative bow;


  • Needle and thread;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler.

The mirror organizer is finished.

Video Tutorial