How to Crochet a Dolphin Applique?

Often needlewomen, having finished their needlework, wonder what to decorate the item so that it stands out among the rest? Someone prefers to decorate it with paillettes, someone with ribbons, someone with a homemade brooch. But I offer you my idea – applique, thanks to which your thing will become bright and certainly unique. In my easy master class you will learn how to crochet an applique of a dolphin, which will perfectly fit to things of children’s or marine theme.

An applique of a dolphin

Moreover, this applique can be combined with other appliques of the same theme.

Total Time: 1 hour

  1. Start crocheting
    2 beginning crochet

    Thread 22 Chain stitch (ch) on the hook and one turning chain.

  2. Crochet the second chain
    3 Crochet the second chain

    In the first chain, crochet 2 single crochet (sc).

  3. Use double crochet technique
    Using double crochet technique

    After that, crochet 16 double crochet (dc).

  4. Use single crochet technique
    Using single crochet technique

    The other 4 stitches are single crochet (sc).

  5. Move to the opposite side of the chain
    Move to the opposite side of the chain

    On the last stitch, make five single crochet to create a “fan” of stitch. In addition, in this way we can smoothly move to the opposite side of the chain.
    On the opposite side of the chain crochet a chain according to the following pattern: 3 single crochet, 12 triple crochet (tc), and the rest of the stitches of the chain – single crochet.

  6. Work on the tail fin of the dolphin
    Work on the tail fin of the dolphin

    To make the tail fin of the dolphin, crochet 4 chain stitch.

  7. Finish the second dolphin’s tail fin
    8 Finish the second dolphin's tail fin

    Then along this chain of chain stitch, crochet – 4 single crochet, and then again 4 chain stitches to crochet the second part of the fin.

  8. Make the side fin
    9 Crocheted first fin

    Next, along the crocheted chain again crochet 4 single crochet, then 12 single crochet along the edge.

  9. Make the second side fin
    Crocheted second fin

    In this place will be located the abdominal fin of the dolphin. To crochet it, dial 5 chain stitches, and then on this chain crochet 5 single crochet, fixing the fin to the chain with slip stitch. After that, continue to crochet the edge with Single crochet to the place where the dorsal fin should be located. At this place again make 5 chain stitches.

  10. Finish crocheting the dolphin
    Crocheted dolphin

    Then again tie the chain with five single crochet and finish crocheting the edges of the appliqué. At the end of the work you can slightly steam the product to make the stitch more smooth. At the end of crocheting form eyes from felt or a piece of fabric. Or you can sew paillettes.
    Applique “Dolphin” is ready. Such an application can decorate not only a thing made by your own hands, but also monochrome things bought in the store.


  • “Jeans” yarn;
  • a piece of fabric or felt, you can use sequins for eyes.


  • crochet hook #1;
  • scissors.