How to Make a Rhino Out of Clay?

Rhinos are found in Africa and some Asian countries. However, they differ in appearance. Asian rhinos have one horn and African rhinos have two horns. In this lesson, we will learn how to make a rhino with two horns out of modeling clay.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

A Rhinos Out of Plasticine

Plasticine rhinos

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Start making the rhino body

One Piece of Plasticine

First roll the ball of purple clay and then give it a more elongated shape. You should end up with a rhino body like the one in the photo.

Step 2: Prepare the balls

Four Pieces of Plasticine

Use purple modeling clay. Roll out 4 small balls. These will be the legs of a rhinoceros.

Step 3: Create limbs

Legs and Body of a Rhino

Attach their legs to the body.

Step 4: Sculpt a tail

Roll up the tube to make a tail. Fix a small brush of white modeling clay to the tail.

Step 5: Create a head

Attaching the Head to the Body of a Rhino

Roll a purple ball for the head. Then give it the shape you want.

Step 6: Make the ears

Attaching the Ears to the Head

Sculpt small ears and attach them to the rhino’s head.

Step 7: Sculpt the ears

Attaching Horns to the Head

Make a pair of horns out of white modeling clay. Fix them to the front of the rhino’s head.

Step 8: Create a piece of the face

Small Eyes on the Head of a Rhino

You just have to make little eyes. You can make them from small balls of black and white clay.


  • Purple modelling clay (plasticine) for the body;
  • Black and white modeling clay.


  • hands.

Materials for Rhino
Modelling clay

Your rhino is finished. Any child can make this craft because all the details are simple and easy.