DIY Funny Bunny from Crepe Paper

Children are very interested in creating their own crafts in the form of funny animals. To interest them, we will make funny bunny from crepe paper and ordinary thick cardboard. Soft paper will be the basis of bulk crafts.

Crafts performed in this technique are very useful for the development of the child. Creating a character involves the execution of several operations.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Funny Bunny

Funny bunny from crepe paper in 6 steps

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1: Prepare the cardboard base

The Cardboard Blank for a Rabbit

On the prepared cardboard, draw a circle for the body and oval blanks for the ears, four legs. Draw only approximate outlines, because in the future the surface of the cardboard will be covered with a layer of crepe paper. Make the rabbit’s ears curved and slightly different in size to create an asymmetry.

Step 2: Use a stapler

The Body of the Rabbit in Staples

Glue the ears and paws to the center ball with a stapler. Staples will not interfere, because later they will be hidden.

Step 3: Prepare the pieces of paper

Squares of Crepe Paper

Cut the crepe paper into small squares.

Step 4: Work with the ears and paws

Gluing a Rabbit with Crepe Paper

Apply glue to the surface of the cardboard and start gluing the squares on top. Do this randomly, but always in a dense layer, so as not to leave gaps. First, deal with the additional details.

Step 5: Work with the body

Glued Rabbit with Crepe Paper

Completely cover the center circle with blue paper. The round body of a rabbit with funny ears is ready.

Step 6: Make a face

Cut out the slanted eyes from white paper, draw the pupils and glue them to the center of the blue ball. Make a mouth with funny teeth. Roll up a small spout in the form of a ball of crepe paper. Glue all the parts in their place.


  • Blue crepe paper;
  • Dense cardboard;
  • White and red paper;
  • A small piece of pink crepe paper.


  • Simple pencil;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Stapler;
  • Black pen.

Materials for a Funny Bunny
Materials for a Funny Bunny

Funny bunny in the form of three-dimensional crafts from crepe paper is ready. He smiles and the child will smile with him, admiring their creativity.