DIY Crepe Paper Rose Flowers Tutorial

Bright and expressive flowers can be created from various materials. In this lesson, you will find a tutorial on how to make crepe paper rose.

Materials and tools:

  • red crepe paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • glue gun;
  • ruler;
  • toothpick.
Materials and Tools for Crepe Paper Rose
Materials and Tools for Crepe Paper Rose
Crepe Paper Rose

How to make a rose flower from crepe paper in 17 steps

Total Time: 25 minutes

  1. Take the Scissors
    Rectangle of Red Paper

    Cut out a rectangular piece of crepe paper with a size of 10×3. 5 cm. It is important that it stretches in length.

  2. Make Folds
    Folded Red Paper

    Fold the rectangle several times.

  3. Make a Round on the Paper
    Cropped Red Paper

    Round off the upper edge with scissors.

  4. Straighten the Blank
    Rectangle with a Wavy Edge

    You should get a similar sheet of paper, as in the photo.

  5. Use Your Hands
    Rectangle with Stretched Edges

    You need to gently stretch each semicircular element with your fingers.

  6. Make the Paper Wavy
    Red Blank

    Make the middle of the rose from the resulting blank.

  7. Prepare the Glue
    Twisting the Red of the Blank

    Twist it by fixing it with hot glue at the bottom.

  8. Compare Your Blank
    Twisted Red Blank

    You should get a similar middle, as in the example.

  9. Make the Red Rectangles
    A Sheet of Red Paper

    Cut out a 2×4 cm piece of crepe paper to make individual petals for your flower. It should stretch across the width.

  10. Round the Rectangle
    Rounded Sheet of Red Paper

    Cut out the blank for the petal from the rectangle.

  11. Make a Push on the Paper
    Paper with a Dent

    Gently stretch the upper part of the blank with your fingers.

  12. Use a Toothpick
    Red Petal

    Use it to twist the edges of the petal on both sides.

  13. Repeat the Steps with the Other Petals
    10 Red Petals

    Make 10 of the same petals.

  14. Apply the Glue
    Several Connected Petals

    Fix the petals at the bottom with the glue gun to collect the roses.

  15. Use Glue for All the Petals
    Connected Petals

    Gradually add all the prepared petals.

  16. Make 8 Petals of a Different Size
    8 Red Petals

    Cut out several 5×2. 5 cm rectangles of crepe paper to make petals of a different size.

  17. Glue New Petals
    Rose Fro Crepe Paper

    Glue the petals to your flower. You should get a similar rose from crepe paper, as in the photo.

The crepe rose can be used as jewelry or as part of other crafts. If you make a few roses, you will get a beautiful bouquet for home decor.

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