DIY Amazing Paper Daffodil Flowers

Daffodils are one of the first spring flowers. In this lesson, you will learn how to make paper daffodil flowers. Despite the simple petals, the craft looks very beautiful.

Materials and tools:

  • blue, white, green and yellow paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • ruler.
Materials and Tools for Paper Daffodils
Materials and Tools for Paper Daffodils
Paper Daffodil Flowers

How to make a daffodil from paper in 12 steps

Total Time: 25 minutes

  1. Take a White Paper
    Two Paper Squares

    A sheet of blue paper will be the background for your colors. Make daffodils from white blanks. To do this, cut out a pair of white squares with a side of 6 cm.

  2. Make Folds
    The Paper Square is Folded in Several Directions

    Mark the transverse folds in the squares. They are obtained by folding the square in half in different directions.

  3. Use Scissors
    Paper Square with Slits

    Make incisions along the marked lines with scissors, but do not cut 5 mm to the center of the square.

  4. Take a Thin Stick or Toothpick
    Tightened up the Cuts on the Square

    Carefully twist the edges of the cut elements with it.

  5. Repeat the Steps
    Two Twisted Squares

    Work similarly with the second white square. So you prepared the elements for creating the first daffodil.

  6. Use the Glue
    Twisted Squares Together

    Apply one blank to another and fix them with glue to make a flower. The white base of the daffodil is ready.

  7. Prepare the Yellow Paper
    Circle of Yellow Paper

    Make the middle of the flower from a yellow circle. To do this, cut a round piece with a diameter of about 4 cm.

  8. Use a Pencil
    A Twisted Circle of Yellow Paper

    Gently push the center of the circle with the blunt side of the pencil.

  9. Connect the Blanks
    The Heart of the Flower is Glued to the Bud

    Glue the finished yellow center to the white blank of the flower. You have the first narcissus flower.

  10. Place White Flowers on the Background
    Ready Made Flower Heads

    Similarly, make a pair of the same flowers. Then spread them out on a sheet of blue paper and glue them together.

  11. Take the Green Paper
    Flowers with Stems

    Add the stems. Cut them into strips of green paper.

  12. Make Leaves
    Daffodils from Paper

    Green paper is also needed to make leaves. Twist them with scissors, and then glue them. You should get a similar application with voluminous daffodils.

You can change the craft a little. Twist the stems to get thin sticks. Glue the white flowers on the stems. This bouquet can be put in a vase and it will please you for a long time.

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