How to make a Flower vase from Cardboard

From an ordinary disposable box you can make an interesting holder or vase, decorating it at your discretion. For example, you can glue it with colored paper, add beads, sequins or flowers, and you will get a new decoration made with your own hands. No financial costs in time or material, only benefit and beautiful result. In my master class you will learn how to make a cardboard flower vase.

Cardboard Flower Vase Tutorial

A cardboard flower vase

Cardboard Flower Vase

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1: Take a box of a suitable shape – better rectangular

2 a box of a suitable shape

Cut off the top to leave an opening, or pull the “doors” of the box inside and glue them on. Cover the box with glue on top of the light-colored paper.

Step 2: Use the scissors

3 box of colored paper

Carefully cut off the edges or fold the ends of the paper inside the box.

Step 3: Use decorative jewelry

4 box with a beautiful ornamental ribbon

Decorate the neck of the future vase with a beautiful ornamental ribbon with half beads or any lace.

Step 4: Use decorative flower

5 box with flower

In the center, glue a beautiful flower of any material, matching the theme and shade of the vase. For example, you can use air dry clay, which after solidification becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. To do this, tear off pieces of air dry clay and knead in your hands in the form of petals. Then combine all the petals together and wait for them to dry. 

Step 5: Use sequins

6 box wirh sequins

Also spread some sequins as an additional decoration. You can do this on all sides or just in the center.

Step 6: A new unique piece is ready

Ready-made flower vase

You have performed the vase with your own hands.


  • a box of thick cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • sequins;
  • ornamental ribbon with beads or other figures;
  • flower (it can be made of clay, plasticine, felt, foamiran or other material).


  • scissors;
  • glue.

Artificial flowers will look beautiful in this vase, or you can put pencils, brushes, pens in it.

Handmade flower vase
Handmade flower vase

Video Tutorial