How to Make a Lush White Bow from a Satin Ribbon

Gentle bows always make the image doll-like and cute, and white is always in fashion. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a lush white bow from a satin ribbon.

Materials and tools:

  • satin ribbon (its width is 5 cm);
  • white felt;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • decorative bead;
  • ruler;
  • glue gun;
  • lighter;
  • elastic band for hair.
Materials for a Satin Bow
Materials for a Satin Bow
Bow from a Satin Ribbon

Lush white satin ribbon bow in 15 steps

Total Time: 35 minutes

  1. Use a satin ribbon
    A Section of White Ribbon

    Take a piece of 10 cm long satin ribbon to create a lush bow petal. Carefully scorch its edges with a lighter.

  2. Work with the reverse side
    Curved Side of the Tape

    Put the tape face down, then bend the first side into the corner.

  3. Make a bend
    Angle of the Tape with a Pin

    Bend this edge again and fasten with a pin temporarily.

  4. Bend on the other side
    Bent Tape on the Other Side

    Bend the second edge of the tape in the same way.

  5. Make a second corner
    Tape with Two Pins

    After that, perform another bend on the same side and fasten with a pin.

  6. Prepare the needle and thread
    Inverted Craft Blank

    Before doing this, correctly position the blank petal in front of you. All bends should be on the lower side, and the corners should be located at the top. Sew the 2 lower sides of the resulting square with basting stitch. Insert the needle from the wrong side on the right.

  7. Fasten the parts together
    Stitched Craft Blank

    Sew half of the blank.

  8. Create a petal
    Satin Ribbon Petal

    Pull the thread gently to tighten the petal. Fix the thread and cut it off. You should get a petal for the future bow, as in the photo.

  9. Prepare 12 petals
    12 Satin Ribbon Petals

    Make a few petals this way. Their number depends on the desired splendor of the bow. If necessary, you can finish the desired number of elements while working.

  10. Use felt
    The Circle of Felt

    Cut a circle from a piece of white felt 4.5 cm in diameter.

  11. Place the petals on the blank
    Felt Circle with Petal

    Glue the petals to the felt circle with hot glue.

  12. Make the first row of petals
    Felt Circle with 8 Petals

    Place the 8 petals in a circle in the first row.

  13. Create a second row of petals
    Five Petals

    Glue 5 blanks together to create a second row of petals.

  14. Connect all the petals
    Two Rows of Petals Together

    Glue the second row on top of the first one.

  15. Use artificial jewelry
    Bow with a Bead

    Decorate the middle with a decorative bead. To do this, fix it with an adhesive gun. Fasten the elastic band on the back side.

You made a lush white bow from a satin ribbon with your own hands. This accessory is appropriate in any situation.

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