How to Make Kanzashi Bows with a Unique Center

Let’s look at an example of creating very beautiful bows modeled from white rep ribbons and blue lace. This lesson shows in detail how to make kanzashi bows with a unique center with your own hands. First, the handmade middle will be unique. You will not find the same one on sale, it can be made only to order. Secondly, it’s expensive to buy such a beautiful accessory; a finished jewelry will cost a lot of money.

The combination of two ribbons with different textures and a chic middle makes a bow with a twist and attracts attention.

Materials and tools for a bow:

  • 4 pieces of rep ribbon – 4 * 10 cm;
  • 2 pieces of rep ribbon – 4 * 9 cm;
  • 4 pieces of blue lace with a patterned texture in the form of a track – 410 cm; 2 pieces of blue lace with a patterned texture in the form of a track – 49 cm;
  • silver decorative rhinestone braided: 4 segments of 10 cm and 2 segments of 9 cm;
  • 16 pieces of white satin narrow ribbon – 0.5 * 4 cm;
  • white felt circle with a diameter of 3 cm;
  • ruler;
  • lighter;
  • thermal gun.

Materials for the middle of the flower:

  • felt square – 4*4 cm;
  • blue adhesive plastic half bead with a diameter of 1.2 cm;
  • silver chain about 8 cm;
  • 14 white beads 0.6 cm in diameter;
  • 98 small beads of blue color;
  • glue gun and glue;
  • thread and needle.
Kanzashi Bows with a Unique Center

Kanzashi Flower with a Homemade Core in 16 steps

Total Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

  1. Prepare materials for the petals of the bow
    Materials for a Bow

    Cut strips of rep ribbon and lace for the bow loops, prepare sections of silver rhinestone braided.

  2. Connect the parts together
    Connected Ribbons

    Connect the prepared strips in pairs, combining their ends. Lay the rhinestone braided strip in the center. Clamp the edges and glue them together. The chic loop is ready.

  3. Create petals from stripes
    Six Loops of Ribbon

    Make 6 such loops and glue them together. The lower layer of the flower consists of 4 loops, the upper layer – of 2 loops.

  4. Fix the loops with ribbon
    The Bow with a thin Satin Ribbon

    Gather the bow and rewind it with a thin satin ribbon. In the future, we will glue the middle on top.

  5. Make the inner petals
    White Loops

    Prepare a beautiful frame for the top of the bow. In our case, it will be a flower, consisting of simple white loops.

  6. Make rows of petals
    Two Row of Loops

    First glue one row of loops, then the second row on the felt circle.

  7. Connect the different petals together
    The White Loops on the Blue Loops

    Glue one part of the flower to the other. To do this, put the white loops on the blue ones.

  8. Prepare the core materials
    Materials for the Middle of the Bow

    Prepare a beautiful plastic half bead of aquamarine color, white beads, blue beads and other materials to create the middle.

  9. Apply the half-bead
    Plastic Half Bead

    Glue the half-bead to the felt square in the center with a glue gun. Smear the area around the half-bead with super glue (do this liberally, because the felt absorbs a lot and quickly) and glue the chain. Let to dry for about an hour (minimum).

  10. Attach the white beads
    Sewing White Beads to the Core

    Sew two beads. Then return the needle one bead back, pass the needle through it again, and string the next two beads, and so on.

  11. Decorate the accessory with blue beads
    Application of Blue Beads

    String on 7 blue beads and braid between the white beads. As a result, the outer border will be striped.

  12. Attach the felt
    Application of all Blue Beads

    Carefully cut the felt around the precious construction so as not to touch the threads.

  13. Determine the number of middles
    Ready Made Bow Cores

    Prepare as many middles as you plan to make bows.

  14. Finish the decoration
    Ready Made Details for the Bow

    The circumference of the middle should correspond to the inner part of the flower. This result will be obtained if you follow all the dimensions exactly.

  15. Connect all the parts for the kanzashi bow
    Beautiful Kanzashi Bow

    Glue the finished product to the bow.

  16. Repeat all the steps again for the second bow
    Repeat all the steps again for the second bow

    Make another accessory to make a pair.

All masters and even beginners can make such decorations. Just follow the instructions.

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