How to Make a Quilling Kite

Thin strips of paper can turn into almost any shape if you use the quilling technique. In this masterclass you will make a flying kite from this material.

Quilling Kite Tutorial

Quilling kite

Quilling Kite

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Prepare the material and tools for quilling

2 material and tools

For the kite you need to take colored strips and special tools for quilling.

Step 2: Insert the colored strip into the quilling shape board

Strip into the quilling shape board

I suggest you make your kite multicolored. Its main part consists of four elements. To create the first element, glue 2 orange strips together and twist them by placing them in a quilling shape board with a diameter of 20 mm.

Step 3: Use glue for the twisted circle

4 twisted circle

Then carefully remove the strip from the quilling shape board and fix the tip of the strip with glue. You will get a round blank.

Step 4: Repeat the previous step three times

Four twisted circles

Make 3 more such round blanks from strips of other colors.

Step 5: Make a rectangular triangle from the circle

Four twisted triangles

Now from each circle form a rectangular triangle. You will get ready blanks for the main part of the kite.

Step 6: Make a rhombus from strips

Glued twisted triangles

Glue the four triangles together so that you get a rhombus.

Step 7: Complete the kite head

Kite head

Glue a strip of black color around the rhombus, and make a “tail” for the kite from a piece of white strip.

Step 8: Use a quilling shape board

Small strip into the quilling shape board

Make small blanks for decorating the tail of the kite. To do this, cut one strip in half and twist it into a quilling shape board 10 mm.

Step 9: Repeat the previous step with the second part of the strip

Two twisted circles

From the second half form the same circle.

Step 10: Make triangles from the circle.

11 two twisted triangles

Now with your fingers give the resulting circles the shape of triangles.

Step 11: Glue the triangles to the tail of the kite

Kite with a tail

Fix the triangular elements on the kite with glue.

Step 12: Make triangles from paper of other colors

Finished quilling kite

From strips of other colors, form the same blanks and add them to your craft. You will get such a kite in the technique of quilling.


  • Colored strips of paper.


  • PVA glue;
  • quilling shape board, which has indentations of different sizes;
  • slotted quilling tool.

My Video Tutorial: