How to Make Origami Bee

I suggest you consider my variation of a craft how to make origami bee. You can start working with a child on today’s craft with a story about these insects. And only after that try to make a bee from paper according to the suggested master class.

Instructions for Easy Origami Bee

Origami Bee

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Prepare materials and tools

origami bee materials

Prepare the necessary materials and tools.

Step 2: Make a triangle from the square

3 yellow paper triangle

The first thing to note is that you do not need a square for the bee, only a triangle. So fold your blank diagonally and cut it with scissors. You will end up with 2 triangles, but you only need one.

Step 3: Make a square from a triangle

4 yellow paper square

Unfold this triangle with the white side up. The side bottom-corners of the triangle you need to fold it to the top.

Step 4: Make wings for the bee

5 wings for the bee

Now fold the same corners down again, but at a slight angle. These will be the pieces for the bee’s wings.

Step 5: Fold the upper corner

Fold the upper corner

Fold the upper part towards you. You’ll use it to make a bee’s head.

Step 6: Fold the upper corner three times

Triple folded corner

You will need to divide this folded piece into 3 parts. To do this, unfold the folded upper corner and fold it into thirds.

Step 7: Fix the blank with glue

Fixed top corner

Next, glue the folded down corner.

Step 8: Make the sides of the bee

9 bee blank

You need to form the sides of your craft. To do this, fold them to the other side and fix them with glue.

Step 9: Turn the handicraft over

Uncoloured bee

This is what our bee will look like from the other side. Here you need to fold her wings a little and fix them with glue.

Step 10: Color the bee

Coloured bee

Now it’s time to use a black marker. Paint the front part of the craft completely with it, it is the head of the bee. After that, carefully lift the wings and draw stripes.

Step 11: Enjoy your results

You will get such a bee from paper, as on the photo.


  • a square of yellow one-sided paper.


  • scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • black marker.

I offer you a life hack! Make the same craft, but with red paper. And instead of stripes, draw black dots with a marker. This is a little hack to make an origami ladybird using the same method as the bee.