How to Make an Origami Paper Dress

Many girls like to play with dolls and dress them up in beautiful clothes. In this lesson, you will learn how to make an origami paper dress. This is an easy and cute craft that will appeal to many people.

Materials and tools:

  • 2 sheets of square-shaped paper;
  • glue.
Materials and Tools for Paper Dresses
Materials and Tools for Paper Dresses
Origami Paper Dress

How to make an origami dress from paper in 16 steps.

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Prepare Multi-Colored Paper
    Square-with Transverse Folds

    For such crafts, it is better to use paper of different colors. One of the squares you will have for the top of the dress, and from the second you will make the bottom. First, take colored paper with a picture for the top of the outfit. Fold the square in half in different directions to mark the transverse folds.

  2. Make a Triangle Out of a Square
    Paper Triangle

    Fold the square in half, the fold should be located at the bottom. Bend the lower side corners to the middle line.

  3. Work with the Back of the Blank
    Paper Triangle on the Other Side

    Flip the Resulting Triangle with the other Side.

  4. Bend One Corner
    Bent Triangle

    Fold the side corners and straighten the bottom layer at the same time, without folding it.

  5. Repeat Steps
    A Square of Two Triangles

    Perform such actions with the other side.

  6. Turn the Blank Over
    Inverted Blank

    On the reverse side, the base for the top of the dress looks like this.

  7. Work with Small Corners
    Bent the Upper Corners

    Fold the Upper corners to the sides.

  8. Transform Triangles into Squares
    Straightened Triangles

    Straighten the corners, giving the shape of small squares.

  9. Take the Glue
    Glued to the Sides

    Turn the dress blank back to the reverse side, where you need to fold the sides and glue them.

  10. Finish the Top of the Dress
    Ready Made Dress Top

    The top of the dress is ready.

  11. Use Red Paper
    Folded Paper

    Make the bottom of the red square. This part will be easier to produce. To do this, start folding the square in half several times.

  12. Transform Paper
    Paper Accordion

    Make the folds until the blank takes the form of a narrow strip.

  13. Get this Front View
    View of the Accordion from the Front

    Fold an accordion square.

  14. Find the Center of the Accordion
    Bent Paper Accordion

    Define and mark the middle of the resulting accordion. Fold it in half.

  15. Connect the Internal Parts Together
    Glued Sides of the Accordion

    Apply glue to the two inner strips to connect the halves. The lower part of the dress is ready.

  16. Connect All Parts of the Dress
    Dress Made of Paper

    Glue the finished parts together. You should get a paper dress like in the photo.

This craft is unique. It is perfect for games for dressing up paper dolls.

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