DIY Paper Four Leaf Clover in the Origami Technique

It is not often possible to find four-leaf clover in nature. Apparently, for this reason, it is considered a sign of great luck. In this lesson, you will learn how to make paper four leaf clover in the origami technique.

Tools and Materials:

  • green paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • glue;
  • scissors.
Materials and Tools for Paper Clover
Materials and Tools for Paper Clover
Paper Four Leaf Clover

How to make paper four leaf clover in the origami technique in 15 steps

Total Time: 25 minutes

  1. Prepare a Green Paper
    Square of Green Paper

    Your clover leaf will consist of four identical pieces. To do this, you will need 4 squares of green paper with a side of 9 cm.

  2. Bend the Square in Two Directions
    Square with Bends

    Mark the transverse bends on the square.

  3. Connect One Edge to the Center Stripe
    The Bent Side of the Square

    Fold one edge to the middle line of the square.

  4. Make Two Corners
    Inverted Blank

    Turn the blank over and bend the corners.

  5. Turn Your Craft Over Again
    Curved Angle to the Side

    You need to bend the resulting corner up.

  6. Straighten and Bend
    The Straightened Blank

    Start spreading the edge on the back of the blank. First fold up, forming triangles on the inside.

  7. Work with Small Angles
    Bent Upper Corners

    Fold the small corners on the sides. And then slightly bend down the upper corners.

  8. Use the Glue
    Paper Clover on the Back

    Fold the sides and glue them together for the final formation of the first part.

  9. Flip Your Craft
    Paper Leaf Clover

    This is the first blank for the future clover leaf.

  10. Make Four Leaves of Clover
    Four Paper Leaves of Clover

    Make 3 such details according to the principle described earlier.

  11. Use the Glue
    Two Glued Clover Leaves

    Connect the leaves together. To do this, insert the edge of one part into the other. Additionally, use glue for the connection.

  12. Glue All the Leaves Together
    Four Glued Clover Leaves

    Fasten all four blanks.

  13. Use a New Sheet of Paper
    A Rectangle of Green Paper

    Cut out a rectangle of green paper to make a stalk for a leaf.

  14. Make a Stalk
    Paper Stalk

    Twist the rectangle into a thin tube, starting at the corner. Fasten the edge with glue at the end.

  15. Connect the Parts
    Four Leaf Clover from Paper

    Glue the stalk to the main part. You should get a similar paper leaf of clover, as in the photo.

This craft can be used as a cute talisman for good luck, as a bookmark or just for decoration.

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