How to Make Amazing Kanzashi Hairpins

Hair accessories are products that are necessary for girls and adult women. This life hack shows, how to make kanzashi hairpins, that are suitable for babies and girls. The flowers are made in a Golden-lilac-cream color scheme. Beautiful hairpins are decorated with jewelry and with elegant multi-layered flowers.

Materials and tools:

  • 6 pieces of delicate lilac ribbon – 5 * 5 cm (you can collect the petals, which are made of such squares, on a thread or glue together);
  • 16 pieces of delicate cream ribbon – 5*5 cm;
  • 8 pieces of purple ribbon – 5*5 cm;
  • 16 pieces of silver brocade-2.5*2.5 cm ( you need to make simple sharp petals from these squares, but do not cut the petals from the bottom);
  • Cream or white felt base with a diameter of 4 cm;
  • silver-colored hugger with a diameter of 2 cm (accessories for jewelry);
  • synthetic  crystal-chameleon with a diameter of 0.8 cm;
  • elastic band or clip;
  • lighter;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • tweezers.

To model flowers, you need to prepare 3 types of petals from the ribbon. The example shows how to make small silver sharp petals, four-layer sharp kanzashi petals and flat parts in the shape of a rhombus.

Kanzashi Flowers for Hairpins

Kanzashi flower in 11 steps

Total Time: 50 minutes

  1. Prepare the pieces of ribbon
    The Pieces of Ribbon

    Singe all cuts of the ribbon so that the ribbon does not fall apart. Four-layer petals will be made of squares with a side of 5 cm in purple, cream and silver. Unusual rhombuses for the top layer will be made of lilac squares.

  2. Fold a triangle from a square
    A Triangle is Made of a Square

    Bend in half the purple squares (6 pieces) with a 5 cm side to make the top layer details.

  3. Make a petal from a triangle
    The Petal is Made of a Triangle

    Bend the squares again. You should get triangles. Fix the central fold with your fingers or a needle, and return the side corners in front. Gather the petal in the lower part, squeeze the bottom with your fingers, cut off the excess and glue it together. Volumetric blank with folds is ready.

  4. Sew lilac petals for the flower
    Flower with Lilac Petals

    Collect 6 beautiful lilac petals on a thread. Pick up a hugger with a chameleon. Decoration for the middle can be different.

  5. Use cream and purple square pieces
    Cream and Purple Square Pieces

    Bend three squares (2 cream and 1 purple) twice separately. You will get triangles.

  6. Make a multi-layer petal
    Multi Layer Petals

    Layer one triangle on another, and leave a dark detail inside. Close the corners. Cut off the lower part. You will get a petal in the form of a boat with one acute angle.

  7. Create silver pieces
    Silver Pieces for the Flower

    Make small petals of silver brocade in the same way. Do not cut the bottom part. You need to make 16 petals.

  8. Unite the pieces for a petal
    Finished Petals

    Insert 8 silver pieces in the middle of large cream-purple petals.

  9. Sew the petals together
    Ready Made Parts for the Flower

    Sew the parts with thread. Leave the rest of the details for additional decoration.

  10. Glue all the parts for the flower
    The Petals are Glued Together

    Glue a beautiful flower. Attach a lilac flower with a center on top. Glue 8 silver parts between the main petals.

  11. Process the reverse side of the flower
    Circle of Felt on the Back Side

    Glue a circle of felt on the back of the kanzashi flower.

The flowers are completely ready. You just need to find a hairpin and stick a kanzashi flower on it.

kanzashi hairpins is Made
Kanzashi Flower is Made

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