DIY Yarn Lollipop Ornament

You can make a funny craft from yarn for knitting red and white colors – a lollipop on a stick. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a yarn lollipop ornament.

Materials and tools:

  • white and red yarn;
  • thick paper or cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • a wooden skewer or toothpick.
Materials and Tools for Lollipop
Materials and Tools for Lollipop
Yarn Lollipop Ornament

How to make yarn lollipop ornament in 9 steps

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Take Threads of Different Colors
    Two Threads

    First measure the threads for making the Lollipop. Cut the threads from the red and white yarn, the length of which is about 2 meters when folded in 2 times.

  2. Twist the Thread
    Twisted Threads

    Apply a drop of it to a thick sheet of paper. Fix the tips of the red and white yarn together, which are folded in half.

  3. Use PVA Glue
    The Twisted Yarn on the Glue

    You will form a Lollipop from twisted threads that need to be glued to thick paper. So first start applying PVA glue around the circumference.

  4. Spin the Threads in a Circle
    Twisted Threads in a Circle

    Twist the red and white threads. Then put them on paper in a circle. The paper should be smeared with glue.

  5. Finish Twisting the Threads in a Circle
    All Twisted Threads in a Circle

    Gradually apply the glue around the circle and continue to form your candy from the threads.

  6. Fix the Ends of the Threads
    Circle of Threads

    Create the desired diameter of the craft. Hide the ends of the threads under the main circle and glue them.

  7. Apply the Scissors
    The Circle of Yarn on the Cut Paper

    Wait for some time until the glue is dry. Then carefully cut out the piece of candy in a circle with scissors.

  8. Take a Wooden Skewer
    Wooden Skewer on a Circle of Threads

    Make another one of the same blank from threads. Then fix it on a stick. Apply a wooden skewer to the wrong side of one piece.

  9. Connect the Two Parts
    Lollipop from Threads

    Apply glue to one part of the Lollipop and attach the second part. You should get a similar yarn lollipop, as in the photo.

This craft is suitable for children’s games or decor. You can make many lollipops with different colors.

DIY Yarn Lollipop Ornament
DIY Yarn Lollipop Ornament

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